16: My Black Marriage Research

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Episode 16:

My Black Marriage Research


Among Black men, how have their educational achievement gaps, economic disparities, and marriage occurrences been uniquely experienced, endured, and impacted Black women and children in the literature?


In today’s episode, I’ll introduce you to my academic research for you to better understand my interests, expertise, and approach. I’ll also discuss my latest research project focused one target areas (education) for Black boys and men. As I move along in the show, I call attention to the exact audience who is wronged and the audience who could do better. As a community, we do not need to be offended. I talk to you nice, even if you are the culprit. So, receive your assignment (if you care about doing things to advance your community) and do the workAlso, I do not know everything. I only know what I know. If you know more than me or better than me, just tell me. So, let’s be good to each other, mkay? 

I created this episode guide for you to access the major portions of the show and one major exercise inspired for the show topic. You can download it here to free your time while you enjoy listening and learning. Want the paid version?

What I introduce:

  • [4:04] – Gain some insights on academic research.
  • [6:18] – America should dissolve its oppressive barriers against Black boys and men.
  • [9:24] – I advocate for accessible research for all.
  • [12:43] – Much research needs to be adapted for Black people.
  • [15:11] – I desire for my research communication to be comprehensible for all.
  • [18:26] – My line of research studies how education and economics impact the marital status of Black men.
  • [20:14] – My research especially targets debts in education, economics, and marriage for Black boys and men.
  • [23:47] – I use models and address the lasting effects of racism.
  • [26:24] – I connect financial language, diverse models, and cultural insights.
  • [28:09] – I explain how my research also examines the educational, economic, and marital debts owed to Black men to improve their societal standing.
  • [30:30] – I directly address Black mothers, urging them to raise their sons to contribute meaningfully to society.
  • [32:28] – Black fathers, your sons need you!
  • [34:12] – I move into the subject of debt owed to Black boys.
  • [37:11] – I borrow the word “rift” to depict racial discord.
  • [40:15] – I call Black men to the front again.
  • [41:50] – I recommend a few helpful resources regarding this topic.
  • ​​[44:37] – I address intergenerational cycles.
  • [48:02] – My research proposes a collective approach.
  • [51:44] – Marriage among less-educated Black Americans may face increased stress due to financial instability and strain.
  • [54:20] – Some progress connects to acknowledging men’s need to earn, supporting families, before discussing marital structures.
  • [56:25] – Securing a high school diploma benefits Black men.
  • [1:02:34] – I encourage young Black women to seek guidance on education, careers, and relationships.
  • [1:05:02] – Educational injustices affect Black men, women, and children, ultimately shaping conflicting beliefs on marriage and masculinity.
  • [1:06:59] – I close by expressing appreciation for strong Black marriages, urging listeners to actively contribute to family and community healing.

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