17: Her Dating Dry Spell

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Episode 17:

Her Dating Dry Spell



Sometimes, it feels good to chat about dates, interactions, and feelings with someone else as you make a final decision about the current guy, right?


In today’s episode, Kaity and I unpack lessons learned and new truths from Dates 7-10 on her 100 Dates in Houston journey. We also cover her dating dry spell including relationship seasons and cycles. We explore the intersection between womanhood and gender roles, how female inspiration influences men, and what I call Kaity’s waiting to exhale moment. Last, Kaity teaches us how she utilized some relationship tools, like bids for connection, attachment style, and feel n’ chill, in her then latest romantic connection. (P.S. If you bought a copy of the Biblical Marriage Episode Guide, please review your Male Authority v. Female Power article and see what connections you draw from Kaity operating in her womanly role and how she was received by Mr. Hairline.) 


I created this episode guide for you to access the major portions of the show, complete a major exercise inspired from the show topic, and episode questions. You can download it here to free your time while you enjoy listening and learning. Want the paid version? It has much more episode-specific content. 


What We Discuss:

  • [4:03] – Kaity joins me today, sharing updates on her 100 Dates in Houston.
  • [10:12] – I discuss the support prompt from date number seven.
  • [12:20] – I explore the intersection of womanhood and gender roles.
  • [14:19] – Kaity explains how she took initiative and broke tradition.
  • [17:16] – Kaity challenges traditional passivity in dating.
  • [20:55] – It’s important for women marrying later to be valued beyond just potential motherhood.
  • [23:43] – Kaity finds relief in communication.
  • [26:34] – Kaity reflects on her date having admitted to seeing other women.
  • [27:53] – How does one navigate the balance between avoiding wasted time and giving someone a chance?
  • [30:16] – Kaity finds solace in patiently observing and avoiding hasty judgments and decisions.
  • [32:23] – I reflect on “He’s Just Not That Into You,” contrasting initial hope and potential disappointment.
  • [34:24] – Kaity resists old habits, embracing discomfort, and adopts a “wait and see” approach.
  • [36:40] – In the context of women’s empowerment, I explore the impact of dating behaviors on others’ feelings.
  • [39:48] – Kaity highlights the significance of timely communication for maintaining a meaningful connection.
  • [41:23] – I discuss managing expectations around response times and the role of open communication.
  • [43:56] – I share a brief story that illustrates differing expectations on responsiveness.
  • [45:20] – Kaity emphasizes the importance of responsive communication, reflecting individual needs for connection.
  • [50:59] – Kaity notes the importance of maintaining excitement and depth in communication.
  • [53:20] – Kaity reflects on two emotional conversations, noting the challenge of balancing self-assertion and grace.
  • [56:13] – Kaity’s journey hits a milestone in her empowerment and self-commitment.
  • [1:02:39] – Kaity faced disappointment when attempts to deepen the connection fell flat.
  • [1:05:34] – Kaity had to reassess the connection’s viability due to frequent dissatisfaction with communication efforts.
  • [1:07:05] – Kaity navigates confusion in Mr. Hairline’s attachment style, identifying it as a fearful-avoidant pattern.
  • [1:09:37] – Kaity values consistency in text responsiveness, acknowledging her needs without deeming them needy.
  • [1:11:11] – Seasons come and go, and Kaity is embracing the end of a dating season.
  • [1:14:45] – Female listeners are advised to view relationship challenges as passing moments.
  • [1:16:07] – I close by emphasizing navigating challenges together and conflict resolution’s role in building intimacy.

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