18: Her Relationship Gems

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Episode 18:

Her Relationship Gems


After a year of womanhood and dating coaching, Timka shares her journey, lessons learned, and her personal relationship gems with us. 


In today’s episode, Timka and I have a lady’s conversation about the power of transformation, not just in her dating life, but also in her own identity as a woman. In just a year, she’s shifted her mindset, done her work, checked  herself, redesigned her sister circles, and created connection and intimacy with a male suitor. From personal skills to communication skills to relationship skills, she’s embraced it all to become the transformed woman that she is today. We explore emotional regulation, masculine and feminine pairing, and what to do with a still-developing or under-developed man, and righteous rejection.

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Our Conversation Covers:

    • [2:51] – I am joined today by Timka, a client whose transformative journey is inspiring!
    • [6:51] – Timka shares pivotal moments that sparked self-realization.
    • [9:48] – Hear Timka detail entering the dating scene, facing challenges, and reflecting on lessons learned.
    • [11:34] – Timka details her dating experience that led to her discovering self-worth.
    • [14:42] – Timka embraced being single, later seeking guidance from me for transformative dating experiences.
    • [17:17] – I commend Timka for her accountability for past mistakes in relationships and value her resilience.
    • [19:09] – Timka acknowledges the challenge of being comfortable that not everyone will like her.
    • [21:03] – Timka tells the importance of recognizing misalignments and asking important questions when dating.
    • [23:28] – I agree, focusing on effective communication, particularly listening.
    • [26:22] – Timka likens herself to a butterfly, as she has matured and grown in her dating journey.
    • [28:51] – I highlight women’s emotional intelligence as a superpower but warn immediate reactions.
    • [31:19] – Don’t let your superpower be your kryptonite!
    • [32:59] – Timka shares explains importance of giving men space to process emotions without taking it personally.
    • [35:39] – Timka asserts her boundaries, navigates confrontations with grace, and discovers the power of her femininity.
    • [38:11] – Timka describes a mature and open relationship with communication, understanding, and the potential for a future connection.
    • [39:41] – Femininity requires a lot of energy!
    • [41:45] – I applaud Timka for understanding men as humans, balancing energies, and fostering connection and intimacy in relationships.
    • [44:38] – Hear Timka give a specific example of how she demonstrates self-love by showing up for herself.
    • [48:38] – Learn why Timka values silence for personal processing.
    • [50:00] – I highlight Timka’s skill in resolving conflicts.
    • [53:05] – Timka shares an incident where she handled disagreement maturely.
    • [55:34] – Patience and understanding in gaining intimacy is powerful, as is navigating male nature.
    • [57:47] – I teach on a man’s capacity to receive feminine energy and how to position oneself wisely in a relationship.
    • [59:19] – I discuss the importance of defining and upholding personal standards and femininity, independent of a man’s role.
    • [1:01:14] – Timka appreciates her friend for having recognized that he had self-discovery and growth to do.
    • [1:04:03] – I agree, applauding him for his honesty in recognizing his development needs and valuing Timka’s space and time.
    • [1:07:05] – Timka joins me in the Sacred Sisterhood Circle.

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