40 Movies for Women to {Re}Watch By 40

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This week, I turned 39. In my final year of each decade since 19, I have spent the lead up time determining what that year would represent with a list of things to do or see as a memory sake to close it.

At 19, I planned a day of pampering for myself followed with travel to some Caribbean Islands and Mexico. That final year before my 20s represented my freedom and independence with plans to complete my degree, learn Spanish, and travel to NYC Sex and the City style. Yes, I was blessed to do these things throughout my second decade; but I also spent those ten years traveling domestically,  establishing my family, and burying my baby brother. 

At 29, I planned a trip to visit the coastlands and islands of Savannah, Georgia. That final year before my 30s represented my womanhood and spiritual ascension with plans to travel internationally (starting with Israel and Ghana), and to start my doctorate degree. Yes, I was blessed to do these things throughout my third decade; but I’ve also spent those ten years accepting my purpose, finding new love, starting my business, traveling internationally, raising my sons, freezing my eggs, and burying my father.

Here I am again—ready to create memories from June 2024 – June 2025 to close the door on my 30s while also inviting in my 40s.

Some of my to-dos are simple enough like “visit a medical herbalist” while others are more involved like “update my family tree project” or “travel the south of France.”

At 39, I lived at least three different lives, perhaps one for each decade. Traditionally, Harvard University asks its business school students: What is it you will do with your ONE wild and precious life? It’s a nod to poet, Mary Oliver, and her poem “The Summer Day.” TikTok creator and Harvard Business School alum, KJ Miller, shared her answer to this question a decade later than being asked in a recent video. She tells us about the various lives she has lived and ends with her response: I will continue to live every iteration of it like it’s a gift. Because it is.

Touché, girl. Touché.

As a woman dawning toward 40, pondering which life I will live next, I know my 40s will begin with my sons becoming adults, earning my doctorate degree, and having more space to selfishly tend to my own needs and create even more love in my marriage. I have yet to know an adult life without child rearing or the satisfaction of being called “Dr. Robinson” or the joy of having my husband all to myself, but it is coming, and I welcome it.

Throughout my years, my mother relied on film as one medium for imparting values, fostering mother-daughter lessons, and teaching me how to be a woman. While I am not the movie buff that she is, I sometimes revisit films of my youth as an act of nostalgia, searching for other truths my less experienced self missed; or viewing newer films trying on my mother’s role in identifying the valuable lessons I could teach to someone younger or differently experienced.

One item on my list for this year is to rewatch my old faithfuls and choose my own contemporary catalog that offers the kinds of lessons I am qualified to teach. Basically, I am becoming my mother—at least, in this way. Are you on the cusp of completing one decade and walking into the next? Be encouraged to list some intentions for yourself, and while you’re at it, create some meaning and memories too. 

I’ll be enjoying these films, and I wanted to share them with you too.  I would be here forever if I listed every movie my mother has sanctioned to teach me or spend time with me or the ones I’ve adopted for myself, so this is an abridged version. Also, this list excludes most popular, traditional Black classics because I am sure you have seen them countless times or may be avoiding some to protect your mental or emotional health. My spirit is highly sensitive to physical abuse against women and children, so I avoid them, but sometimes there are quick scenes that I try to stomach, like in The Secret Life of Bees, The Help, If Not Now, When?, and Pretty Woman. The Waitress has some abusive tones but towards property, not people. Protect your spirit and peace accordingly. 

The movies are listed in no particular order, but are categorized by two main POVs. If you choose any of these titles for yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Last, I must mention that All About You is one of my favorite early Black Love stories. It is also the first movie my mother pointed to as an example of a positive love story for Black women, because so many movies of my youth were more cautionary tales than swoon-worthy stories. Without further ado, here are 40 movies for women to (re)-watch by age 40 with a brief synopsis and some reflective questions (marked in italics) to ponder during (or after) your screen time.



Just Wright (2010) - IMDb

BLACK LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: A romantic comedy about a physical therapist who falls for her patient, a NBA basketball player, while navigating friendship and love.


How did Leslie’s relationship with Scott reflect the dynamics you see in your own romantic experiences or aspirations? Are you always the homegirl, not the girlfriend? Could you transition from friendship vibes to romantic love, from professional to pleasure? As a woman, are you more like Morgan, more opportunistic and superficial, or Leslie, more grounded and authentic? How did the chemistry between Leslie and Scott enhance your enjoyment and connection to the story?


I Think I Love My Wife

MARRIAGE & OLD FLAMES: A comedic exploration of temptation and fidelity about a married man grappling with the allure of an old flame.


Do you relate to Richard’s internal struggle with marital fidelity? What are your thoughts about Richard and Brenda’s marriage? What about Nikki’s interactions with Richard and your stance on temptation and emotional boundaries with a married man? How does Brenda’s perspective on her marriage come across to you? As a woman, are you more like Brenda, the wife, or Nikki, the old flame? At what point should Richard had either told his wife about or curved the old flame? How do we reconcile the fact that the human spirit needs newness and adventure alongside stability and routine? What are your thoughts on Richard’s attempts to reignite the spark in his marriage? What does it say about the kind of husband he is? How do you feel about Richard’s decision to focus on his marriage?


Watch Where's the Love? | Prime Video

MARRIAGE & TESTED LOVE: A successful Black couple whose seemingly perfect marriage is tested as they figure out love, trust, and commitment. 


What is your take on Laney and Joe as co-hosts of a relationship talk show while dealing with their own relationship issues? Could you manage your professional and personal lives with a spouse? What do you think about the way Laney and Joe handled their disagreements and communication? Does it offer any insights for you? What are your thoughts on the role of therapy in the film? How seriously do you take to commitment, especially your own? Is it temperamental or reliable, even when it is being tested? What do you do when your marriage is falling apart? How important is it to chose friends who will support your union throughout the years, including rocky roads? 


My First Love (Video 2015) - IMDb

MARRIAGE & TRUE LOVE: An emotional but feel-good drama about a married couple facing the challenges of rekindling their romance and rediscovering their connection amidst life’s trials and tribulations.


How did couple’s struggles and triumphs reflect real-life challenges in maintaining a long-term relationship? Were there any specific scenes or moments in the movie that particularly moved or inspired you? In what ways did this story challenge or resolve your views on forgiveness and second chances? How do you guard your union from the threat of outsiders or the appearances of wrongdoing? 


Waitress [DVD] [2007]

MISERABLY MARRIED & PREGNANT: A story about a talented pie-maker in a miserable marriage who finds hope and a fresh start through an unexpected pregnancy and new friendships.


This film accurately depicts what nonphysical abuse can look like, and helps to give perspective to both with subtle hints and obvious manifestations of it. How do you relate to Jenna’s character and her journey towards self-discovery and independence? What are your non-negotiables with men (regardless of your relationship status to him?) How do you make space for your dreams and talents and a relationship? If they had to compete, which one do you chose? What do you think of the way the film addresses themes of love, infidelity, and emotional resilience? 


The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio - Wikipedia

MISERABLY MARRIED & MOTHERHOOD: A true story about a mother of ten who uses her talent to support her family through her husband’s alcoholism and financial irresponsibility.


This film painfully portrays weak male leadership (particularly the variety of traditional patriarchy and nuclear family). How did you connect with Evelyn’s character and her determination to support her family despite her challenges? What are your personal thoughts on gender roles and societal expectations of women during the 1950s? What stash do you have stored or trusted skill you possess that could be a resource to you, if needed? How does this film spark ways you can assess the financial habits or lifestyle choices of a potential partner? 


Waiting to Exhale | Full Movie | Movies Anywhere

SISTERHOOD & BLACK FEMALE LIFE: A relatable story about four Black women navigating love, heartbreak, and friendship.


Which character best describes you, and why? Do you have empathy for the plight of another Black woman, even if it is not your own? How did Bernadine’s journey of rediscovering herself post-divorce influence your view of starting over? How did Savannah’s struggle with finding a quality relationship while balancing a demanding career speak to your own experience?  How did Robin’s issues with her self-esteem point to any personal experiences you’ve had? What were your thoughts about Gloria’s relationship with her son and her new chapter to finding love again?


Unthinkably Good Things (2022) - IMDb

SISTERHOOD & ROMANCE: An uplifting tale of friendship among three Black women as they support each other through life’s unexpected highs and lows.


Which character best describes you, and why? Do you relate to the main characters and their individual journeys of self-discovery and empowerment? Do you balance between personal ambitions and maintaining close relationships? How can you allow for love on your life, from other Black women and men? How does the complexities and joys of Black womanhood in this movie resonate with you personally?


Girlfriendship (TV Movie 2022) - IMDb

SISTERHOOD & ROMANCE: Join three lifelong friends as they embark on an adventure to redefining their dreams.


Do you have a similar kind of sisterhood in your own life? How does the portrayal of lifelong friendships with Black women impact your perspective on the importance of maintaining these bonds? Which character is the most relatable to you How do these women’s experiences with love, career, and self-discovery reflect the dynamics you see in your life or community? What spiritual significance did you gain from this film? Could you date a widower, why or why not?


Steel Magnolias (TV Movie 2012) - IMDb

SISTERHOOD & BLACK FAMILY: An emotional, family-style story following six Black women in Louisiana through life’s ups and downs at the local beauty salon.


How do you show up for sisterhood, and what do you gain from it? How does community help to keep (or make) us whole? Do you allow space (and grace) for other women to be different (from you) in their own right? What are your thoughts on the dynamics between the different generations of women? What aspects of M’Lynn’s mothering and caretaking moves you? Does Shelby motivate you to live your life to the fullest? What are your thoughts about Clairee and Ouiser, especially the idea of  humor and conflict in long-term friendships? What kinds of husbands do you think Drum, Jackson, and Spud are?


Hidden Figures (2016) - IMDb

BLACK FEMALE LIFE & BLACK HISTORY: An inspiring true story of three brilliant Black women mathematicians whose contributions were crucial to NASA’s success in the 1960s.


Do you relate to the experiences of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson as they navigated their careers at NASA? What feels familiar to you about the intersection of race and gender in the workplace? How does togetherness help to overcome challenges and assuage exclusion? What are your thoughts on the support and camaraderie among these three women, and how does it reflect your experiences with friendship and professional networks? How important is it to be with a Black man who sees your intelligence and professional contributions as meaningful and important?


The Help (2011) - IMDb

SOUTHERN BLACK FEMALE LIFE & BLACK HISTORY: A picture of courage about Black domestics in 1960s Mississippi as they share their stories of oppression and resistance.


Any time a Black man attempts to romanticize a time where Black women had the pleasure to just stay at home with their children, remind them that Black women have always worked in this country (mainly tending to the homes and children of white women). A popular TikTok trend is asking Black women would they rather be left alone in the room at work with a white man or a white woman, and “white man” takes the cake. Does the intersectionality of race and gender in this film shed more light on why Black women experience more troubled interactions with white women? How does the friendship and solidarity among the Black women move you?





The Secret Life of Bees (2008) - IMDb

SOUTHERN BLACK FEMALE LIFE & FEMALE WISDOM: In 1960s South Carolina, a girl searches for love and belonging as she learns family secrets in a Black family of beekeepers with rare wisdom and the divinity of the female spirit.


Do you relate to Lily Owens’ journey of self-discovery and search for maternal love and acceptance? Which aspects of the Boatwright sisters’ lives resonated most with you, and why? How does the portrayal of Black women as sincere, nurturing figures causes you to ponder your maternal figures and community support? How did August’s wisdom and leadership enhance your understanding of the role of elder women in guiding younger generations? Does facing your darkness usher in healing, and what has been your experience with this?



Charming the Hearts of Men (2021) - IMDb

WOMEN’S RIGHTS & SOUTHERN FEMALE WISDOM: A historical drama about a woman who teams up with a congressman with two overlapping struggles: for women to become equal (led by a white woman) and for Black Americans to become equal (led by a Black woman.)


How do you relate to Grace and her finding her place and voice in a changing world? What do you think about the relationship between Grace and the Congressman? How does Grace’s evolution from a privileged woman to a social activist reflect or challenge your own views on personal growth and social responsibility? What is your reaction Grace attending the local Black church? What is your reaction to the Black women’s solidarity in the face of adversity? How does Grace fighting for her gender and Violet fighting for race add some historical context for you, even in modern times?



Ever After - Wikipedia

FEMALE EMPOWERNMENT & INDEPENDENCE: A retelling of Cinderella, where a spirited young woman finds her strength, defying societal norms to shape her destiny.


Do you relate to Danielle and her sense of empowerment? How does Renaissance-era France influence your connection to the story? What are your thoughts on the relationship between Danielle and Prince Henry, and how does it reflect your views of love and equity in relationships? How did Prince Henry’s evolution from reluctant royal to compassionate leader move you? How did the emphasis on inner strength and character of physical beauty influence your ideas on self-worth and identity? How does the depiction of Leonardo da Vinci as a mentor and ally to Danielle help your perspective on mentorship?


The Family That Preys (2008) - IMDb


Do understand the friendship between Charlotte and Alice? Do you agree with the way Andrea treats her mother and sister? What kind of sister, friend, and/or wife are you? What are your thoughts on Andrea’s ambition and her affair with William? How do you respond to the portrayal of the different marriages in the film, particularly Andrea and Chris’s marriage and Pam and Ben’s marriage? How does the role of socioeconomic status and power manifest between the Cartwrights and the Pratts? What are your thoughts about how Jillian navigated her knowledge of William’s affair? How do you view the business (or monetary) side of marriage? Like Andrea, what would you risk for love (or even sex)? What is the consequence of weak male leadership, or of weak female stewardship?


Daughters of the Dust (1991) - IMDb

BLACK FEMALE HERTIAGE & LEGACY: A journey of three generations of Gullah woman preparing to leave their ancestral island home.


How does the portrayal of the Gullah culture and other traditions add meaning to your African American heritage? Which aspects of the Peazant family’s story, as they prepare to migrate north, resonated most with you, and why? What are your thoughts on Nana Peazant’s insistence on preserving cultural traditions? Do you appreciate the generational differences between the characters? Does the depiction of spirituality and the role it played in the lives of the Peazant family add any value for you? How does Yellow Mary challenge traditional gender roles and expectations? How do the communal activities, such as cooking and storytelling, connect to your experiences of family and community gatherings?



Beaches (1988 film) - Wikipedia



What value do you gain as a viewer of the lifelong friendship between CC and Hillary? Which aspects of friendship, loyalty, and support struck a chord, and why? How does the different backgrounds and life paths of CC and Hillary reflect your own experiences or observations of diverse friendships? What were your thoughts on the challenges that CC and Hillary faced in maintaining their friendship over the years? What was your reaction to Hillary’s illness and the impact it had on her relationship with CC? How do themes such as love, jealousy, and forgiveness reflect or challenge your experiences in close relationships?



If Not Now, When? (2019) - IMDb
SISTERHOOD & RENEWED FRIENDSHIP: Four Black women reestablish their youthful friendship as they come together to face their trials of life.


How do you relate to the friendship dynamic among Tyra, Suzanne, Patrice, and Deidre? How does the movie address the theme for mental health, and did it leave an impression on your perspective of mental well-being? Did you connect with Tyra’s journey of overcoming addiction? What are your thoughts on Suzanne’s confrontation with her abusive ex? How do Patrice’s struggles with infertility and her decision to adopt reflect or challenge your beliefs about motherhood? How did Deidre’s career struggles with her decision to pursue her dreams resonate with your professional aspirations? How do you respond to the reunion of these women?


In Our Mothers' Gardens (2021) - IMDb
BLACK SPIRITUALITY & MOTHER-DAUGHTER TIES: A heartfelt documentary celebrating the  wisdom of Black women through intimate stories of matriarchal ties.


How does intergenerational wisdom and storytelling connect you to the women in your family? Which aspects of the exploration of matriarchy and the strength of Black women moved you the most? What are your thoughts on the role of healing and self-care? How does the film address the complexities of mother-daughter relationships, and which stories or moments stood out to you the most? How does the collective feminine wisdom inspire you?


Imitation of Life (1934) | The Criterion Collection
IDENTITIY, RACE, & MOTHER-DAUGHTER TIES: A hallmark story that reveals the complexities of race mixed with love, sacrifice, and the societal struggles of the 1950s.


How do you react to Sarah Jane’s struggle with her racial identity and her attempts to pass as white? What do you think of the friendship between Lora Meredith and Annie Johnson, and how does it reflect or challenge your views on interracial friendships? How does the exploration of motherhood and the different approaches taken by Annie and Lora impact your understanding of parenting and family dynamics? How does Sarah Jane’s experiences with racism and her rejection of her Black heritage affect your perspective on societal pressures and personal identity? What is your reaction to the scene where Annie confronts Sarah Jane about her identity, and what does it suggest about self-acceptance and authenticity? How does Annie’s death and Sarah Jane’s reaction implicate the impact of unresolved conflicts?


Then She Found Me - Wikipedia
FAITH, MARRIAGE, & MOTHER-DAUGHTER TIES: A heartfelt drama about a schoolteacher’s journey of unexpected relationship and unexpected woes.


How did you connect to April’s search for her biological mother? How is your relationship with your mother? How does it impact your love life? Is it connected to a desire or resistance to become a mother? How did you connect to April’s search for her biological mother? What do you think about the relationship dynamics between April and her adoptive mother? How do you react to Bernice’s sudden entrance into April’s life? How do mother-daughter ties impact how a woman may behave in her marriage? How do you relate to April’s struggles with infertility and her desire to become a mother? How do you view April’s relationships with Frank and Ben?


Jinn (2018 film) - Wikipedia
FAITH, IDENTITY, & MOTHER-DAUGHTER TIES: A coming-of-age story about a young Black girl as she embraces her mother’s conversion to Islam and discovers her own path.


How does Summer’s exploration of her identity and faith resonate with yours? What are your thoughts on Summer’s relationship with her mother? How does the film’s depiction of conversion to Islam speak to religious identity and acceptance? What are your feelings about Jade’s transformation after converting to Islam, and how does it affect her relationship with Summer? What is your reaction to the scenes where Summer navigates her dual identity as a Black Muslim teenager? What were your thoughts about Summer’s struggle with wearing the hijab and the different perspectives it presented on modesty and self-expression? What does Tahir, and his influence on Summer, suggest about romantic relationships within the context of faith and cultural expectations?


A Good Woman (2004) - IMDb
MOTHER-DAUGHTER TIES & MARRIAGE: A captivating drama set in the 1930s, where a woman’s navigates scandal, love, and redemption in a high-society world.


What kind of woman are you? How does your reputation proceed you? Can you navigate your affairs well even when you are rumored to be someone you are not? What would have done if Robert was your husband in the situation? If you have seductress feminine archetype, how do you connect with Mrs. Erlynne?


The Ditchdigger's Daughters (TV Movie 1997) - IMDb
BLACK FAMILY & FATHER-DAUGHTER BONDS:  A true story about six Black sisters path to achieve their dreams, driven by their father’s unwavering belief in education.


How does Donald’s determination to provide better opportunities for his daughters impact their success? What are your thoughts on the challenges the Thornton daughters faced in pursuing education and professional careers? How does the relationship between the Thornton sisters evolve throughout the film, and which aspects of their sibling dynamics resonate with you? What are your thoughts on Tass and her influence on her daughters? How does the Thornton family’s unity and collective efforts positively influence their attainment and trajectories? Are you the Jeanette in your family, if so, do your find her story relatable? How do you view Mr. Thorton’s parenting?


Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012) - IMDb
THE FEMALE SPIRIT & FATHER-DAUGHTER BONDS:  A powerful tale of a young Black girl’s courage and fierce love for her community as she faces the challenges of poverty and natural disasters in the Louisiana bayou.


Do you relate to Hushpuppy’s and her journey of survival? What are your thoughts on the relationship between Hushpuppy and her father? What is your take on the magical realism and how might it have affected Hushpuppy’s perspective? How does Hushpuppy’s bravery and imagination inspire you? How do you balance between human vulnerability and strength? How do you interpret Hushpuppy’s statement, “The whole universe depends on everything fitting together just right?”


Olympia (2018) - IMDb
SELF-EXPLORATION & ADULTING: A heartfelt drama about a talented Black artist navigating love, career, and her next move while trying to pursue her dreams.


How do you relate to Olympia’s journey of self-discovery and career uncertainty? What are your thoughts on Olympia’s relationship with her mother? How did the film address the theme of pursuing one’s passion versus following a more conventional path? Is Olympia’s struggle with commitment in her romantic relationship relatable What is your reaction to the scenes where Olympia confronts her fears and insecurities? How do Olympia’s interactions with her brother and their differing life choices speak to your sibling relationships?



SELF-DISCOVERY & MARRIAGE: A drama that explores the emotional journey of a Black woman rediscovering herself among her husband’s incarceration.


What are your thoughts on the emotional and financial challenges faced by families of incarcerated individuals? How does Ruby’s marriage evolve throughout the film, and how does it impact your views on love and loyalty? What do you think about Brian and his influence on Ruby’s life and choices? How does the film address the theme of personal sacrifice, particularly Ruby putting her own dreams on hold for Derek? How does Ruby’s interactions with her mother and sister reflect what you know to be true about family dynamics and support systems? How do you respond to Ruby’s internal struggle between remaining faithful to Derek and pursuing her own happiness? Is it the same or different from Richard’s story in “I Think I Love My Wife?”


Pretty Woman - Byrd Theatre
SELF-DISCOVERY & A NEW CHAPTER: A feel-good story where a charming businessman and a spirited woman from different worlds discover each other in an unexpected romance.


How do you feel about Vivian’s transformation from a sex worker to someone navigating high society? What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Vivian and Edward, and what does it say the role of power and relationships? How do the power dynamics between Vivian and Edward evolve? What value did Vivian add to Edward’s life by nature of just being a woman? How does Vivian’s negotiation for the week’s arrangement challenge traditional gender roles? What does Vivian’s assertiveness in setting boundaries, such as refusing Edward’s offer of money at the end, say about her self-worth? How does Vivian, choosing to pursue her own path before reuniting with Edward, help your views on love and independence?



Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) - IMDb
SELF-DISCOVERY & THE NEXT CHAPTER: An inspiring story about a woman rediscovering herself as she renovates a villa in Italy.


How do you relate to Frances’s journey of starting over in a new country? What are your thoughts on Frances’s process of healing from her divorce? What did you think about Frances’s interactions with the local Italian community, and how does it impact your view on building new relationships in unfamiliar environments? How do the friendships Frances formed with Katherine and Marcello show the importance of support networks during times of transition? How does the film address the concept of “home,” and what does it mean to find or create a place where you belong? How do you react to Frances and Marcello’s relationship? How did the scenic depiction of Tuscany and the Italian lifestyle evoke feelings about your travel and exploration plans? How does Frances’s journey of self-reliance and independence reflect your aspirations for personal empowerment?


Eat, Pray, Love [DVD] [2011]
SELF-DISCOVERY & THE NEXT CHAPTER: A woman’s transformative journey across the world for fun, faith, and healing as an act of reclamation. 


Do you connect with Liz’s path to self-discovery and growth? What are your thoughts about her decision to leave her conventional life behind? How does the film’s exploration of food and pleasure help you lean into indulgence and self-care? What are your thoughts on Liz’s spiritual journey in India, and how so you believe experiencing devastation can prompt spiritual meaning and enlightenment? How does Liz’s time in Bali and her relationship with Felipe shape your views on love and vulnerability? What are your thoughts in finding the balance between solitude and connection?


Always a Bridesmaid (2019) - IMDb
DATING & NEW BLACK LOVE: A romantic comedy about a Black woman who is always asked to be a bridesmaid and begins to wonder if she will ever become a beautiful bride.


What are your thoughts on Corina’s internal monologue about her fears and hopes for love? How does Corina’s relationships with her close friends, particularly their discussion about love and marriage reflect your own friendships and conversations? How dos the film portray the pressures and expectations of finding “the one?” What do you think about Corina’s confrontation to her ex about their past? How important is closure to moving on? How do you react to the advice Corina received from her grandmother? What do you think about Corina taking a date from breaking to focus on herself? How does that possibly set the stage for her new love with Mark? 


Love by the 10th Date (TV Movie 2017) - IMDb
DATING & NEW BLACK LOVE: A relatable picture of a group of friends navigating dating and relationships while striving to find true love and personal fulfillment.


How do you relate to Gabby’s navigation the dating world and her career aspirations? What are your thoughts on the concept of the “10th date” rule? What are your thoughts on the scene where Gabby and Dante have their first real date? How did their initial chemistry set the tone for their developing relationship? Does Nell’s storyline about maintaining her marriage resonate? What do you think about Billie’s exploration of her sexuality? Does Margot’s no-nonsense approach to dating and her focus on career ambitions feel familiar?


The Idea of You (2024) - IMDb
CO-PARENTING & NEW LOVE: A romantic drama about a divorced mother who embarks on an unexpected relationship with a much younger man.

Do you relate to Sophie and her navigation of romance and motherhood? How do you react to Sophie’s relationship with her daughter and balancing personal happiness with parental responsibilities? Do you think Sophie deserves a second change in love and life? What are your thoughts on the age difference between Sophie and Hayes? What do you think about the dynamic between Sophie and her ex-husband? Was he being hypocritical? How does this film explore the pressures and expectations placed on women, in career, love, and motherhood? What do you think the magic is in new beginnings, and how did it serve Sophie? Could you seriously date a younger man, or a celebrity?

Something from Tiffany's (Movie Tie-In Edition)
SERENDIPITY & NEW LOVE: A charming romantic comedy where a mix-up  leads to unexpected connections and second chances in the heart of New York City.

How can unexpected events change the course of relationships? Have you experienced a similar turning point in your life? How do these characters balance personal aspirations and romantic relationships? What are your thoughts on the significance of the gifts from Tiffany’s in representing different aspects of love and commitment? What symbols, tokens, or gestures move you?



Act Like You Love Me (2013) - IMDb
SERENDIPITY & NEW BLACK LOVE:  A romantic comedy where a successful Black woman hires an actor to pose as her boyfriend.


What do you think about the chemistry between Kelly and Lance, especially considering their attempt to fake a relationship? How do you feel about Kelly’s relationship with her family, particularly with her mother and sister? How do you react to the deception and honesty in Kelly and Lance’s relationship? How does to impact your view of their evolving feelings?


Black Coffee (2014) - IMDb
SECOND CHANCES & NEW BLACK LOVE: A heartwarming romantic drama that explores love, ambition, and second chances between a recently unemployed man and a driven businesswoman.


What do you think about Robert’s journey of finding love and purpose after losing his job? As a woman, would you have denied (unemployed) Robert or thought to encourage him along the way? What are your thoughts about the decision Morgan made? How do you react to Robert and Morgan’s developing relationship? How does the film portray the challenges of dealing with ex-partners, particularly Mita and Julian? Do you enjoy Robert & Morgan’s love story?


All About You (2001) - IMDb
SECOND CHANCES & NEW BLACK LOVE: An exploration of love and second chances as a woman rediscovers herself and rekindles romance.


How does Nicole’s kindling love story resonate? How can pursuing your happiness, even amidst career struggles and emotional healing, help make space for more good things in your life? What impact does Nicole and Brian’s romance have on your view of love and growth? What are your thoughts on the obstacles Nicole and Brian faced? What are your thoughts on Nicole and Tanya’s friendship, and how does she help enhance her (love) life? What does the film suggest about long-distance relationships, and how do you feel about them for yourself? 


Fever Pitch (2005) - IMDb
ROMANCE & OTHER OBSESSION: A romantic comedy about a dedicated woman who falls for a charming man with obsession with baseball.


This film chronicles romantic interest to buddling love to an exclusive relationship where the other obsession belongs to the male partner. How do you view their love story as a whole, not just his relationship to baseball? Does your career ever cost you some quality romantic connections? What are your ideals around compromise in relationship? Hoe does the move address personal growth withing a relationship, including the highs and lows of romantic relationships? In the film’s ending, do Lindsey and Ben reconciling their differences, shape your views of the possibility of finding harmony in relationships despite conflicting interests? Are your girlfriends “secretly” competing with you?


Julie & Julia - Wikipedia
MARRIAGE & OTHER OBSESSION: A tale of two women, separated by time, connected by their love for cooking, as they find purpose through culinary arts—and the impact on their marriages.


This film covers the support of a loving husband for his wife’s passion project and the ambiguous loss he often feels when her attachment to it becomes almost bigger than them. It’s the opposite of  “Fever Pitch” where the other obsession belongs to the female partner. How do you view their love story as a whole, not just her relationship to her cooking blog? What’s your passion project? Has your passion projects ever cost you a connection or relationship? How do you approach relationship repair when you’re the party more responsible for the tear? 


We grow as we go,

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