Joyice Robinson

dating & relationship coach

I am a Dating + Relationship Coach and the creator of Match Marry Mate™. I help powerhouse Black women achieve their relationship milestones and advance their relationship goals to win at love. My work focuses on helping Black women discover their unique identities, understand their feminine persona, set standards and boundaries, negotiate needs, and master communication with men. I lean on my academic training in psychology and education, as well as my personal experience as a young divorcee and single mom who successfully remarried, to support Black women to become who they need to be and get what they deserve and desire.

My expertise has been featured by The Black Bachelorette and published in Single Wealthy Mommy and Shoutout Atlanta. I am also the host of the Match Marry Mate™ weekly broadcast hosted on Clubhouse, where Black women across the globe gather weekly to hear my real-time, actionable relationship advice. I do this work to decry statistics that boast Black women are women of last resort. I want to help change those numbers to stabilize and continue the Black Family. My mission is to elevate Black women as the gatekeepers of memory, culture, and legacy.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work from Warner University, my Master’s degree in Education from Piedmont College, and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. I live in Washington, D.C. with my husband and two sons.