Fun Girl Summer 2023

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Each summer is a new season for me to activate my femininity, womanliness, even my girliness to another level. Summer screams WOMAN to me, and it’s such a perfect season to learn, explore, experiment, and do all the things that you know and love & want to try for the first time. So, every summer in my coaching practice, I encourage the ladies of the  Match Marry Mate™ Community to join me in Summer fun.


Last year, I made it about dating skills, travel, and pretty in pink. I met with clients up and down the East Coast as we went to brunch, met new men, danced in the park, lived like a local (in a foreign city), got gussied up, saw Tina Turner on Broadway, and we ended it with the Match Marry Mate™ Summer Social and rooftop fun. The summer before I visited out West and down South for some similar shenanigans too.


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Less Hot, More Fun


In short, my Summer calls have picked up steam and attracted your attention. Before the Summer Solstice had enough time to settle in, you all were messaging, texting, and emailing me about what summer fun would be on our radar this season. I had one small problem—most Black women already had a “Hot Girl Summer” approach to the summer months, and I’on like dat. If you are a true Hot Girl Summer type-of-woman, then, work it, sis. You’ll get no smoke from me! But, if you’re looking for an energy that’s classy and sophisticated, I’m your girl.

For me, Hot Girl Summers carry a ratchet and promiscuous energy, and in this season of my life (along with  most of my clients), we simply want more. We want more class, more fun, more intentions, more peace, more rest, more sisterhood, more joy, more love, and fuller experiences. Needless to say, I had a task on my hand. Summers of the past were revisiting and calling me to give more this year, plus I had handfuls of clients and other ladies who were hoping (and some even expecting) for me to do something about it.




I’m not the one to shy away from a call. However, I also do not work alone on community events. So, I polled the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community to chose between four summer archetypes. The Fun Girl Summer archetype led the charge, so we’re embracing FUN GIRL SUMMER ENERGY all season long. Now, some of you were for the others (posh, soft, and sweet), and I’m here for it, so lean into what you know you need or desire this Summer. No one can deny that the Summer is about F-U-N, so it seemed the most fitting as well as the most popular. It was the obvious choice.



In the name of Fun Girl Summer, we needed two things: (1) an official theme song and (2) our very own wish list. Our wish list is simply a “bucket list” but, I chose more feminine language. As we move from just a Summer Mood (from past seasons) to more of a Summer Movement with our new seasonal branding, I want to invite you too.




First, join our the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community! This is where we discuss our ideas, offer recommendations, and jumpstart our momentum and participation.

Second, learn the theme song—”When the Sun Comes Out” by Tamia. If you want to hear my thinking on how I chose this song and artist, I’m sharing more deets on the Match Marry Mate™ Show Podcast the weekend of July 7. {I’ll also discuss more about Fun Girl Summer, including what it is and what it ain’t.}

Third, get started on the Fun Girl Summer Wishlist! There are 12 official items (+ one bonus) so you can evenly divide the Summer with 4 wish list items across the three months ahead. I know we like to think of June as “summer”, and she certainly ushers it in, but these months are July, August, & September (until we arrive at the Autumn Equinox).




Note: The Fun Girl Summer tag is not about men. It is about self and sisterhood, and we owe both to ourselves as women first. Now, men can be included in your activities and events, but the essence of what it means to have a Fun Girl Summer is for the ladies. While we are not centering men here the plot twist may reveal that it influences how you engage in relationships with men nonetheless.

Last, as you complete any item on the Fun Girl Summer Wish List, either post in the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community, Instagram, or both using the following hashtags: #fungirlsummer #fungirlsummer2023 #fungirlsummerwishlist #fungirlsummerchallenge #matchmarrymate (and any others you like). Without further ado, here’s your official Fun Girl Summer Wish List!




What Does the * Means?


In an effort to expand your comfort zone this season, dare to be more wild! For 2 and 10, the parenthetical note is optional.

1 – The sundress has to be in a style, print, or color that you would not usually choose.

5 – Extra points if you dance near/on water or take a belly dancing class.

12 – If you’re in a relationship or married, flirt with your man in a different way than your norm.


I hope you frolic, flirt, be free, embody femininity, and have FUNNERS! Have a fruitful summer, ladies!


We grow as we go®️,


4 thoughts on “Fun Girl Summer 2023”

  1. Cool … I was about to make me a dress too; great timing. Love it all a d will attempt all but 6&7.
    Luv ya girl! Always full of great ideas 😉

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