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for ambitious Black women who are ready to level up their relationship game

Hi, I’m Joyice Robinson Myers, and I help women achieve their relationship goals through self-inquiry, feminine principles, and negotiating their needs and desires with men.


Inside this safe and supportive group, you’ll get access to the following:


♥ LIVE check-ins and training teaching you how to create boundaries, effectively communicate, and negotiate your needs with men.


♥ Exclusive interviews with industry experts so you can cultivate your feminine (super) powers and become relationship-ready.


♥ Weekly Q+A sessions so you can get all of your relationship questions answered and design the love life of your dreams.


♥ An intimate and judgment-free space to process our feelings TOGETHER.


Ready to find inner confidence, tap into your feminine power, and become the best person/partner you can be?

Our community supports professional Black women to navigate and negotiate their needs and desires with men. We learn and grow with topics surrounding identity, femininity, relationship readiness, dating, and relationships (partner selection and milestones). It’s our “safe space” to talk, connect, and process our womanhood and wifehood journeys.





Every week we respond to 7 daily posts that ask us to consider who we are and how we are showing up as women:





Feel n’ Chill™ – Our call to feel without acting or suppressing our emotions




Sometimes, women tend to mistakenly believe just because they have felt they have to act on them. Or they automatically ignore, suppress, or avoid feeling their feelings. Neither will support you on your relationship journeys. So, I created the “Feel n’ Chill” concept to help us remember to feel, then chill. On Sundays, as an online community, we share the feelings we’re processing (but not acting on) for relatability and support and what we want to do but won’t.






Repeat & Complete Mondays – Our call to maintain alignment within ourselves 



I have learned in working with women that alignment check-ins are necessary to hold us accountable. So, I use the repeat and complete practice to make sure you maintain authenticity within yourself as you assess for or establish alignment with potential suitors and/or romantic partners. All you have to do is repeat the weekly lead-in and complete it with your response.






Tip & Tea Tuesdays – Our call to check ourselves with negative self-talk, excuses, or bad cliches 




It’s incredibly easy to repeat what you hear, and women who are dating or in relationships can blindly speak negative things over their experience or progress if they are not mindful. So, I created tip & tea as a call-out for you to check yourselves with “bad thinking” as you navigate dating and relationships. 





Winning/Wise Wednesdays – Our call to brag about ourselves 




One of the best things about Black women is the encouraging love and support that comes naturally to give unto each other. I wanted to tap into that energy and give us a day to brag on ourselves while we celebrate each other too. We also alternate Winning Wednesdays with Wise Wednesdays to offer each other advice and trusted counsel. 






Transparency Thursdays – Our call to see ourselves





It’s important for Black women to have space to confess and be seen. We discuss how we evolve and grow in our personhood, womanhood, motherhood, relationship-self and/or femininity!





Hi/Low? Go! Fridays – Our call to connect with each other 





We all share our greatest high and lowest low of the week to connect, support, inspire, empower, praise, or challenge each other. 





Relationship Questions Saturdays – Our call to ask questions 





This is the time to ask our community one relationship-interest question and have it directly answered.