Joyful Girl Winter 2024

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Each winter is a new season for me to still myself and go inward. One of my favorite things about being a Gemini woman is the unique knack for threading lines between two spaces and operating in whichever part of the duality is needed. Where the summer season centers the active, social, and and exploratory parts of the female psyche, the winter season lands on the other side with stillness (or slowness), quiet (and solitude), and reflection.

Every winter in my coaching practice, I encourage the ladies of the  Match Marry Mate™ Community to join me in Winter rest. I like to start with two pre-game exercises, Wins & Lessons and Setting Intentions, before transitioning to my January Resets. In between my pre-gaming and my resets, I give myself at least two weeks of nothingness and/or relaxation.

This year, I am spending a week at home enjoying dolce far niente followed by a week out West relaxing at the spa and taking in nature. What do you have planned?




Solitude & Sisterhood


Though winter calls me to solitude, that does not mean that I am always alone. Instead, it’s a season where I void busyness and noise. I make an attempt to spend some quiet one-on-one time with some clients without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In 2021, I held some one-on-one brunches and tea dates with my Atlanta and Charlotte clients. In 2022, I hosted a client in my home. It was my first time completing my self and spirit work (reflections, intentions, memorialization, etc.) in real-time with another woman, and that was a treat! I realized even more how valuable loading up of feminine energy is! If you spend your life in a more male-centered environment, like I do, you know how precious it is just exist as a female being with no masculine energy too.  Moving into the new year, in 2024, I am visiting my best friend. She happens to live close enough to two clients of mine, so I’ll be connecting and relaxing with them too.


The Archetype


I polled the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community to chose between four winter archetypes. The Joyful Girl Winter archetype led the charge, so we’re embracing joy all season long, and I hope you’ll join us.


The Tune




The Wishlist Challenge


Note: The Joyful Girl Winter tag is not about men. It is about self and sisterhood, and we owe both to ourselves as women first. Now, men can be included in your activities and events, but the essence of what it means to have a Joyful Girl Winter is for the ladies. While we are not centering men here the plot twist may reveal that it influences how you engage in relationships with men nonetheless.


Last, as you complete any item on the Joyful Girl Winter Wish List, either post in the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community, Instagram, or both using the following hashtags: #joyfulgirlwinter #joyfulgirlwinter2024 #joyfulgirlwinterwishlist  #matchmarrymate (and any others you like). Without further ado, here’s your official Joyful Girl Winter Wish List!



What Next?


First, join our the Match Marry Mate™ Facebook Community! This is where we discuss our ideas and pics/vids with each other.

Second, learn the theme song and get your bop on!

Third, get started on the Joyful Girl Winter Wishlist! There are 12 official items (+ one bonus) so you can evenly divide the Winter with 4 wish list items across the three months ahead from December 21 – March 18 (until we arrive at the Spring Equinox).


I hope you have a restful and joyful season!


We grow as we go®️,


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