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Dear 2024, are you it? 


Kaity has been an internet friend long before she ever became a client. But, we did not meet in real life until October 2021. She proposed a womanhood/dating challenge at the beginning of that year, inside the Beta Match Marry Mate Course™, with respect to her August birthday. I responded, “You do that, and I’ll join you on your first trip to help you celebrate.” Once she honored  that challenge and her birthday rolled around, we were on the phone discussing the details of our Panamanian travels.



Kaity & Joyice | Panama, 2021


I believe in visualization and manifestation, and with what power I do own, I wield it over my life to envision and become. I absorb faith, transfer it into action, and stand in my power and truth. One way I like “to see” before complete manifestation is by creating imagery that captures what I want. Practically, I enjoy visual arts {like photoshoots, symbolism, iconography} to support me. In personal character, I possess the faith, courage, and most of all, the patience to become what I am. In 2021, I saw a talk show or hosting gig for myself. Do I know when? Absolutely not. But, when I “see” it, I continue to work hard ’til I own it. Cue Beyoncé.


I shared some things with Kaity, saying that I wanted a photoshoot that spoke to my vision. While we have different paths, we desire to float in the same circles and spaces between practice and industry, so she was down.  As we were shooting, the photographer, a woman speaking limited English with a non-American upbringing, told us we reminded her Oprah and Gayle—the younger version, she added.


The very pose our photographer dubbed our “Gayle & Oprah” energy!


She stunned me with her American ‘Black Lady’ connection, and in my humility, I thanked her and considered it a high compliment and even more special coming from her. Of course, she did not mean that we looked like them but that there was a similar energy, class, and style. I heard it as an affirmation of my recent vision.


Kaity and I have continued to make moves in our given lanes to accomplish what we desire. She’s started a blog, been featured on a local television show, and recently led a women’s conference. I’ve started a podcast, finished my book proposal, and spoken as the “expert” on local dating and relationships panels. Recently, we decided to practice our co-hosting skills together in an episode that drops on December 31, 2023, and it got our wheels spinning. I cannot share all the details just yet, but something’s a-brewin’—at least we’re doing our part to stir the pot. As she and I discussed more details, a strange yet familiar feeling overcame me—like I had experienced it before, but only in part, not fully. That’s when I realized we had sorta done this before, as a preparation, when we took our “Oprah & Gayle” pics.



Wait, is this our year? 👀 I do not know what the future holds, but I like where the vision is trending as we move into 2024; and our 2021 vision and photo imagery gives me great pride and such hope!


Our 2021 cheers two and half years ago, anticipating the actual moment.


My MBA-educated husband often reminds me, “For the business pursuit you want to start, make sure you’re prepared to work for at least three years.” He knows that a minimum of three years of work is due to be taken seriously, own a body of work worth talking about or pointing to, develop new {and necessary} knowledge, skills, and relationships, and reveal your true character while measuring impact.


2021 + 3 = 2024. Granted, this occurred late 2021, but let’s see what happens! Cheers to 2024! 🥂


We grow as we go®️,

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