Listen: Your Guiding Spirit

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That’s the message. While that single word may not mean much to you sitting alone on this screen, it is very much the point of the coming journey to which you are called. Your most immediate move is to listen. Listen—that’s the next step.




Spirit and self. Memory and material.


Perceptible and palpable. Create and construct.


For each pair, one of them is not like the other yet they both need each other to be. We are not one thing—we are not ever fully one thing. One thing is always more dominant, more present but the other is always there too.


Standing in the (vaginal) cavity of Tree


Spirit and self. Feminine and masculine.


Spirit. The element of life present in every natural thing or being. The spirit of man. The spirit of woman. Of a woman…


Our coming journey. The next step. Listen.


To listen we must also feel.


Feel. Just feel.


To feel we must emote.


Emotions. Resist the tendency to move away from emotion.


I’m sensitive, I feel everything, I feel everybody. ~ Kendrick Lamar


That separation disconnects us from what is happening. It causes our experiences to be superficial. Fake. False. Faint. Fear.

Then, you can’t listen. You don’t feel. You can’t heal.


Initial contact, downloading from Tree of Life




Do you feel a magnetic force that pulls you?

Do you feel a higher source that moves you?

Do you feel a subtle knowing within you?

Do you feel a portal inside you?


If you can feel that Spirit is present with you.




Control. Ego. Superficiality. Romance. All drives Spirit away. Not away. Just away from you. A major task in life’s journey is to put control and ego (and thus superficiality and romance) aside.


Give Spirit room.


Spend time, quality time, in Nature.


Mother Nature and Father Time.


This time allows you to hear natural things and beings. Once you hear you can listen.




I transformed, prayin’ to the trees, God is taken shape. ~Kendrick Lamar


Listening to Tree of Life


If you can listen, you can find your connection to Spirit (and spirits) giving a rebirth to your unique spirit. Your portion of the Spirit in you. That connection is your lifeline. As the blood that flows through your physical being (self) is your bodily lifeline so is the connection that flows through your spiritual being (spirit).


It’s necessary. So, listen.


Listen. Can you hear?


Your relationship with yourself must be spirit-based. A relationship with a partner begins with the coming together of two spirits. Anything less and intimacy is either absent or weak. An intimacy that cannot be sustained, void of spirit, dies.


But, if you cannot hear Spirit, or your spirit, or his spirit, how will you know that these two spirits should join? And even if they join, with what intimacy? Intimacy is spiritual—without Spirit, where is Intimacy?




Be who you are as you are. That allows Spirit to activate your spirit—so you can hear. No need to distort an image or a frequency that does not genuinely present as who you are. That does not belong to you.


This is the flaw in romance. Romance teaches us to cover up what is real or true. It is based on highs, temporary moments, and acts of grandeur. It pushes us to believe that love and life are more extraordinary than it is, and we make promises (or believe them) that are impossible to keep, let alone renew.


So, listen. Be authentic.


Wholeness & Joyfulness with Hosana Tree

The energy you vibrate—your spirit—sends a message that only certain people will respond to. That’s it and that’s all. Only certain people.


You don’t force it. It’s natural. It’s spiritual.


Do not confuse natural with a lack of intention, attention, and effort. Natural things require this triad. Intention first.


Intentions must be clear. Clarity is queen. Queen Clarity.


When your intentions are clear it makes it easier to be who you are and get what you want—and especially what you need. It also helps you see better so you can hear more. Not just hear your spirit. But to also hear the spirits of others. If you can hear, then you will know.


That Knowing is lifesaving and it’s also relationship-building. The journey is an Evolution. It’s constantly checking in with yourself and others to affirm, verify, and confirm that you remain in alignment with your true self.


Be authentic.


Before I go in fast asleep, love me for me… ~Kendrick Lamar




I recommend that your quality Time sitting in Nature begin with the Moon or the Ocean or the Tree or the Flower—unless you currently feel a certain pull elsewhere.




We grow as we go®️,


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