Female Archetypes


My Dating Plan 2023


Wise Womanliness


Summer 2023 is our time to focus on 

Self and Socialization with four masterclass options


What are masterclasses like with Coach Joyice?

All Match Marry Mate™ Masterclasses are an invitation for Black women to connect for sisterly, spiritual, and sacred refreshment and reunion. We navigate topics and converse about self-identity, femininity, and womanhood within the context of ancestral wisdom, feminine truths, and intuitive knowledge.

Through self-discovery and real-time exercises, we explore ideas and perceptions that influence our self-concept of what it means to be feminine, womanly, spiritual, and different from men.

Participants leave these masterclasses with a deeper appreciation of their feminine strength and beauty with practical ways to apply what they’ve learned in their own lives.

Each masterclass includes a five-minute introduction, a segment for instructional delivery, a ten-minute intercession, and a segment for application and discussion, including Q & A. Plan to be in session for approximately three hours. You can purchase your class seat through the Friday before class at 11:59 PM ET.


JULY 09 @ 12 PM EDT


Learn the four foundational female archetypes and their attributes and discern your phase(s) of life. Our exercise begins with
a journaling activity and ends with a group game for an archetype reveal. Taught as a stand-alone but connects to other classes as the material blends. 

The class is for women 22+.

Available on a first-come, first-served basis.


JULY 16 @ 12 PM EDT


Each Spring/Summer, I encourage dating women to know how they want to date, where they want to date, and whom they want to date. Together, we create a plan that includes a social calendar and online dating strategy to get outside and interact with others.



This class will share tips on creating a plan and answer your question directly for preparation with all that I’ve experienced and learned in helping women with this work. This is not for any of my current coaching clients (as we will do this work and more in our private sessions). The class for women 25+

Available on a first-come, first-served basis.


I recommend having a journal or notebook for jotting, in-class exercises, and computer access for research activities. 

This class is not recommended if you cannot participate in exercises or activities during class time.





Ready to live more intentionally, aligned, and attuned with sacredness? 

The Wise Woman is ancient. She was there at the beginning of time and is within us today. Although we don’t typically fully embrace or embody her until we are seasoned with age and experience. She arrives at birth, guiding us, steering us toward all aligned to our unique life journey. She lives within us, offering her wisdom and advice while allowing us to choose our way. She values learning through insight, intellect, and intuition, teaching us to navigate our lives in all our endeavors and experiences. She is there within us, that ever-present, always-available sound voice of reason and wisdom. This class guides you on relying on your intuition, self-worth epiphanies, and the spirituality and evolution of Woman. While you will likely have more inner strength, peace, and clarity, this class is about the beauty of the love and power that only comes from women. If you want to feel cared for, comforted, challenged, and empowered, this class is for you!

This class is open to the ladies who have taken Female Archetypes or Nurturing My Self-Esteem.
If you want to be considered to enroll, please email me before you register. 

The class is for women 30+. 

My approach to coaching and teaching is feminine and holistic.

I believe that your feminine identity lies in your personal identity and is influenced by your mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.
I believe that female identity is cultivated, cared for, and comforted by other women in spiritual and social settings.
I believe that approaching life with a selfhood mindset allows the greatest expression of who you are to come forth.
I believe that human beings (and especially women) can express and strengthen their superpowers using the natural energies and frequencies of Creation.


As women, it is vital that we nurture our creativity and femininity through self-care and intention so we can move within our natural rhythms and not against them.



Once you register, you will receive an email with the details to access the online masterclass. You will receive one reminder, and it may include digital content you will need to participate in. (You can print ahead of time if you want your own hard copy to use during the masterclass).


Come prepared with your favorite tools for journaling, reflecting, and quiet or “me” time. Masterclasses require your presence and energy, too, for a complete experience. I prefer you to be present with the camera on/mic off (unless speaking directly to the group). However, you can participate with the camera off/mic off and also use the chat. Sessions include my presentation, interactive personal and group exercises, discussion, and group coaching (on the masterclass topic alone).


You will receive a link to the replay video three days after your masterclass. Replay videos are password-protected and available temporarily (30 days) only to masterclass attendees (not registrants).


There are no refunds if you register and cannot attend any masterclass. However, if you have a problem or concern about your registration, please get in touch with me, and we can discuss it further. Typically, I offer a credit that can be used later for another masterclass.

I have a minimum enrollment requirement of 5 registrants. If enrollment is not met 3-5 days before the workshop date, the workshop may be canceled at least three business days before the masterclass. In this case, all registrants receive a full refund.

Joyice Robinson Myers

dating & relationship coach

A wife + mother, spiritual + feminine energy practitioner, and relationship coach + mentor to a host of Black women in the States and abroad.


I enjoy teaching women how to awaken their feminine energy and navigate and negotiate their needs with men.


I create impact by helping you access the authenticity, vulnerability, and femininity you need to trust your intuition and create intimacy.