Minisode 02: Setting Intentions 2024

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Minisode 02:

Setting Intentions 2024

Join me on a journey of selfhood, threads of self-love, sisterhood, and a path toward thriving relationships and marriage.


The best way to teach you is to model it for you, and that’s exactly what I am doing in this episode. I grabbed my “Wins & Lessons” activity sheets from 2022 and 2021 as well as my “Setting Intentions For…” pre-game sheet for the same years respectively to explain the connection between the two and how you use one activity to complete the other. It’s all connected!


Here’s the thing: We must be intentional to manifest and accomplish. It requires that you undergo a process and allow someone to guide you toward sustainable growth and self-actualization. People steadily ask me how do I manage all that is my life, and the simple answer is, I am both intentional and serious about what I allow on my plate and how I plan to tend to it. 


This activity requires a deeper reflection to decide what needs to be CUT (meaning, we are letting it go and not bringing it with us in the year), CONTINUE (meaning, we like it, love it, gotta have it, and it is certainly going with us into the new year), and CREATE (meaning, what new things  do we need to focus on for the year).


Today, I invite you to join me no this journey; and not just me, but a community of Black women who consistently pours into themselves and each other.


By the end of the episode, you’ll know the second step for reflection with instructions on how to complete this pregame activity. 

This episode was inspired by the Setting Intentions 2024, so of course I included it for you! It’s a one-page exercise for you to complete as you reflect on 2023 to envision 2024. You can download it here and follow along with me as I talk you through it in the show.



I guide you through:

[1:12] – We are following up on Minisode 01, reflecting on 2023.
[1:39] – I guide you through a pre-game exercise for setting intentions for 2024.
[3:18] – I encourage you to reflect on your wins and lessons for the year.
[6:33] – Revisit your “cut, continue, create” list throughout December and January.

[7:13] – I use past experiences to walk you through how to review your year and set intentions.
[8:50] – I reflect on my own personal wins e.g. {teaching my son to drive, starting grad school, and buying a dream home…}
[10:52] – I share some personal lessons learned about managing grad school workload and self-care.
[12:08] – First, reflect on your year by memorializing and celebrating.
[15:18] – When thinking about what I want to cut, I illustrate the importance of adaptability in the goal-setting process.
[18:25] – Continuous reflection on wins and lessons informs the process of setting new goals for the future.
[19:13] – I strongly discourage trying to do this in one sitting; this takes time.
[22:26] – This process is about feminine energy, self-discovery, and trusting life’s timing for growth.
[25:25] – A good friend says that your brain generates ideas but doesn’t retain them, so writing them down is crucial!


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Resources & Links mentioned in this episode:


January’s Reset Process Part I: Review and Release the Old Year

2024 Moon, Mood, & Menstruation Calendar


We grow as we go,

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