Minisode 01: 2023 Wins & Lessons

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Minisode 01:

2023 Wins & Lessons

Join me on a journey of selfhood, threads of self-love, sisterhood, and a path toward thriving relationships and marriage.


If you’re looking for a new reflection practice to close out the year or want to become more intentions with your self-awareness and progress, this episode is for you! From glow moments to tough, unexpected lessons, it’s important to remember and memorialize them and use them to help shape how you will grow moving forward. I share this transformative practice with my clients – an approach that encompasses self, sisters + circles, and spouses.


Here’s the thing: We must be intentional to manifest and accomplish. It requires that you undergo a process and allow someone to guide you toward sustainable growth and self-actualization. People steadily ask me how do I manage all that is my life, and the simple answer is, I am both intentional and serious about what I allow on my plate and how I plan to tend to it. 


Today, I invite you to join me no this journey; and not just me, but a community of Black women who consistently pours into themselves and each other.


By the end of the episode, you’ll know the first step for reflection with instruction on how to complete the kickstarter activity. You’ll know more about why this practice is important and other resources you can use for support. 

This episode was inspired by the 2023 Wins & Lessons Activity, so of course I included it for you! It’s a three-page exercise for you to complete as you reflect and remember 2023. You can download it here and follow along with me as I talk you through it in the show.



I walk you through:

[0:50] – 2023 is almost over, so let’s reflect on the year!
[3:07] – I guide clients in a year-end reflection, celebrating wins, learning from lessons, and setting intentions.
[5:24] – Hear how a client revealed a gap: being too consumed with work when not dating.
[7:17] – I guide women in a two-part year-end review, celebrating wins, learning lessons, and setting intentions.
[9:23] – I approached 2023 with a word, adage, and twelve intentions.
[11:36] – I reflect on how a devoted client, after two years of transformative work, exemplifies the necessity of selfhood for successful relationships.
[13:45] – Join my discounted group coaching cohort, fostering self-growth that impacts relationships, success, and love!
[16:36] – I encourage bodily movement and dance which helps promote thinking and reflecting.


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Resources & Links mentioned in this episode:


January’s Reset Process Part I: Review and Release the Old Year

2024 Moon, Mood, & Menstruation Calendar


We grow as we go,

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