January 19, 2024

17: Her Dating Dry Spell

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
17: Her Dating Dry Spell

Show Notes

Greetings, Lovebugs! Welcome to our third experience. I am back in the studio to interview Kaity Rodriguez with an update on her 100 Dates in Houston Blog Series. We discuss Dates 7-10 from her blog and her unexpected dating dry spell that brought a range of emotions that Kaity is ready to share.

We walk through her dating experience with Mr. Hairline and zoom in on a beautiful exchange around the topic of women being valued for their individuality and not just their potential motherhood. We touch on Kaity’s empowering “Waiting to Exhale” moment and the balance between holding onto a dead situation and bailing out too quickly. (There’s even an intriguing cliffhanger revolving around Mr. Hairline’s dating life!)

Join us as we explore Kaity’s challenge of discerning genuine interest from a desire to fill a slot. We reflect, we laugh, and uncover the nuanced dynamics that define modern dating, with shared struggles, empowering moments, and insightful lessons!

Until next time, please remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth! I also invite you to enroll in the Nurturing My Self-Esteem Mini-Course or grab the Feminine Identity Bundle.

Time Stamps:

  • [4:03] – Kaity Rodriguez joins me today, sharing updates on her 100 Dates in Houston.
  • [10:12] – I discuss the support prompt at the end of each blog post with Kaity, focusing on date number seven.
  • [12:20] – I explore the intersection of womanhood and gender roles.
  • [14:19] – Kaity explains how she took initiative and broke tradition, proactively seeking clarity in dating to avoid uncertainties.
  • [17:16] – Kaity challenges traditional passivity in dating, noting the drawbacks, and reflects on recognizing inconsistency sooner.
  • [20:55] – It’s important for women marrying later to be valued beyond just potential motherhood.
  • [23:43] – Kaity finds relief in communication, feeling aligned and on the same page.
  • [26:34] – Kaity reflects on her date having admitted to seeing other women.
  • [27:53] – How does one navigate the balance between avoiding wasted time and giving someone a chance?
  • [30:16] – Balancing conflicting feelings, Kaity finds solace in patiently observing and avoiding hasty judgments and decisions.
  • [32:23] – I reflect on Kaity’s blog post “He’s Just Not That Into You,” exploring the contrast between initial hope and potential disappointment with Mr. Hairline.
  • [34:24] – Uncertain about the future, Kaity resists old habits, embracing discomfort, and adopts a “wait and see” approach.
  • [36:40] – In the context of women’s empowerment, I explore the impact of dating behaviors on others’ feelings.
  • [39:48] – Kaity highlights the significance of timely communication for maintaining a meaningful connection amid scheduling challenges.
  • [41:23] – I discuss managing expectations around response times and the role of open communication.
  • [43:56] – Hear an example involving missed calls and intense communication from my husband, highlighting differing expectations on responsiveness.
  • [45:20] – Kaity emphasizes the importance of responsive communication within a reasonable timeframe, reflecting individual needs for connection.
  • [47:13] – There is an important distinction beyond quick responses; my husband fancies maintaining connectedness and excitement in communication.
  • [50:59] – Kaity notes the importance of maintaining excitement and depth in communication, highlighting a lack of personal inquiries from her date.
  • [53:20] – Kaity reflects on two emotional conversations, noting the challenge of balancing self-assertion and grace in mature communication.
  • [56:13] – Kaity’s journey is so profound in shaping perceptions, and she has truly hit a milestone in her empowerment and self-commitment.
  • [1:02:39] – Kaity faced disappointment when attempts to deepen the connection fell flat, leading to candid conversations about unmet needs and reluctance.
  • [1:05:34] – Although she tried to be patient, Kaity had to reassess the connection’s viability due to frequent dissatisfaction with communication efforts.
  • [1:07:05] – Kaity navigates confusion in Mr. Hairline’s attachment style, identifying it as a fearful-avoidant pattern, characterized by a pull-in and push-away dynamic.
  • [1:09:37] – Kaity values consistency in text responsiveness, acknowledging her needs without deeming them needy, recognizing capability limits.
  • [1:11:11] – Seasons come and go, and Kaity is embracing the end of a dating season.
  • [1:14:45] – Female listeners are advised to view relationship challenges as passing moments.
  • [1:16:07] – I close by emphasizing navigating challenges together, avoiding person-centered blame, and highlighting conflict resolution’s role in building intimacy.

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