February 9, 2024

20: Their New Marriage

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
20: Their New Marriage

Show Notes

This is my first Muslim marriage—it’s a different way of living. I love the clear placements of Islam in itself. Men have their things they need to do and the same for women, we also overlap as each other’s coverings. There is no way that I could see myself learning with anybody else. He just makes it so easy, and I love that for us. ~ Shaunice 

Men are responsible for bringing enough quality for you to multiply, but a woman has the true power to create and invite peace … ~ Joyice


Greetings, Lovebugs! Welcome to our sixth experience. I welcome Shaunice, whom you may remember from season 2, back to the show today! This time, she is joined by her husband Rashad to share an update on their married life and insights into Muslim marriage. Shaunice and I kickoff the episode with her journey of learning and applying vulnerability and femininity skills in her relationship, which has now evolved into a marriage with Rashad.

We also discuss the value of proactive efforts in marriage and prevention over intervention. Shaunice shares the significance of speaking to a partner with respect and inspiration rather than defeating or insulting behavior. The conversation underscores the role of women and wives in inspiring their partners and the positive outcomes that arise when approaching relationships with an understanding of each other’s needs. Then, Rashad joins us to offer a male perspective on marriage and his experience in witnessing Shaunice undergo relationship and marriage coaching. 

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Time Stamps:

  • [3:07] – Shaunice returns!
  • ​​[6:16] – This episode includes the male perspective on relationships and marriage.
  • [9:00] – I highlight the power of taking a pause and leaning into femininity when communicating.
  • [11:35] – Shaunce shares her favorite story involving navigating tense situations.
  • [13:08] – I cover expressing needs and desires to a caring partner without penalizing them.
  • [15:07] – I praise women’s power to positively influence and maintain intimacy in relationships through understanding and kindness.
  • [17:52] – Trust in the dynamic of masculine and feminine energies in relationships is important.
  • [19:42] – Understanding the importance of marrying into ideals, traditions, customs, and family dynamics enhances relationship success.
  • [21:37] – Shaunice shares how meeting Rashad’s mom, celebrating her birthday, and receiving her acceptance as a daughter-in-law mattered so much to her.
  • [22:38] – I discuss my deep connection with my mother-in-law, whom I call my mother-in-love.
  • [24:28] – How does Shaunice feel about being a wife?
  • [26:27] – Learn how Shaunice is actively shaping her marriage, learning logistics, and improving communication for a harmonious relationship.
  • [29:51] – Shaunice highlights the distinct aspects of living as Muslims, embracing roles and mutual support in marriage.
  • [31:04] – I express appreciation for Shaunice’s faith.
  • [34:06] – Shaunice shares her parenting approach, inspired by intentional actions, addressing her daughters’ concerns amid life changes.
  • [36:54] – Shaunice enters the Sacred Sisterhood Circle with me.
  • [38:28] – I introduce Rashad to the show
  • [39:54] – Rashad identifies open-mindedness, kindness, and love for Black people as important traits in a wife.
  • [40:10] – I interject with the first lesson: How cultural pride can foster genuine connection.
  • [41:19] – How did Shaunice measure up to what Rashad wants in a wife?
  • [42:06] – I interject with the second lesson: How important listening is inside romantic relationships.
  • [44:41] – Rashad discusses his initial concerns and how to navigate friction.
  • [47:29] – I interject with the third lesson: How attitude and energy is received by a man.
  • [49:46] – I talk about the complementary dance of masculine and feminine energies.
  • [51:23] – I reflect on my impressions of Rashad when I first met him, and he, too, describes his initial impressions of me.
  • [53:07] – I interject with the fourth lesson: How men respond to support in relationships.
  • [56:27] – Learn about the structured partnership in Muslim marriage, with emphasis on responsibility, spiritual alignment, and authority.
  • [1:00:32] – Rashad acknowledges the positive shifts in his wife’s demeanor and emotional processing through her relationship and marriage coaching.
  • [1:02:33] – I interject with the fifth lesson: The value of softness and femininity independent of external influences.
  • [1:07:28] – How is married life for Rashad?
  • [1:08:53] – I appreciate the significance of starting a marriage on a solid foundation.
  • [1:11:22] – Rashad humorously reflects on the consummation act, relating to Islamic principles.
  • [1:14:36] – Rashad joins the Brother-Sister Circle with me. 

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