April 7, 2024

22: Womanhood Before Wifehood

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
22: Womanhood Before Wifehood

Show Notes

Welcome to Season 4: Springing into Womanhood!

We’re delving into the heart of womanhood, exploring themes like love, compassion, acceptance, and more. Join me as we navigate through various stages of womanhood, from the possibilities of youth to the wisdom of maturity.

We’re kicking off the season in this show with the importance of prioritizing personal growth before committing to relationships. I share insights from my coaching practice around embracing your identity as a single woman before stepping into the role of a wife or mother. I explore several milestones in a woman’s life, from first experiences to establishing independence and defining personal boundaries, and I reflect on my own journey as a thirty-something year-young woman.

Finally, I teach you how to create your “female prototype,” a vision of the woman you aspire to become. Drawing inspiration from female archetypes and personal values, we craft a blueprint for our journey through womanhood!

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Time Stamps:

  • [0:38] – Season 4 explores some stages of womanhood.
  • [4:57] – I am emphasizing the importance of individuality and identity in relationships.
  • [6:16] – I encourage women to engage in mentorship and peer relationships for personal growth.
  • [8:12] – Women under 25  experience emerging adulthood characterized by growth and transition.
  • [10:02] – In your late teens to early twenties, prioritize self-exploration and growth.
  • [13:05] – I argue that investing in first experiences and connections cultivates a foundation for navigating life’s challenges.
  • [14:33] – Key milestones in womanhood, including first experiences and self-development, shape personal growth and fulfillment.
  • [17:25] – I reflect on how transitioning into my late 30s brings deeper connections with older women, offering wisdom and guidance.
  • [20:06] – I celebrate first love, self-care routines, setting boundaries, and career milestones as significant events in a woman’s life.
  • [21:50] – I provide a shoutout to women at 39, as they reach a peak in various life aspects.
  • [24:04] – I point out that understanding oneself through milestones adds richness to life, aiding in balanced womanhood.
  • [26:49] – Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” poem celebrates the confidence and experience of maturing womanhood.
  • [28:34] – Between ages 28 and 35, particularly at 33, young adulthood solidifies identity and intimacy.
  • [30:08] – I assert that establishing identity before serious relationships fosters healthy intimacy skills, vital for commitment and communication.
  • [32:52] – I explain why it’s important to take time to establish yourself and develop intimacy skills that enhance dating and relationships in adulthood.
  • [34:09] – Learn how creating a female prototype aids in navigating womanhood, evolving with you through different seasons.
  • [37:34] – I encourage you to identify with a woman prototype, whether realized or aspirational.
  • [40:28] – Reflect on diverse women in media and personal experiences to envision your own womanhood journey.
  • [43:27] – Craft your own womanhood prototype, envisioning who she is and how you’ll become her!
  • [46:28] – In closing, I remind you to reflect on your ideal womanhood prototype and commit to evolving into her authentically.

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“We should always make space for our own expressions of womanhood, just as it relates to who you are in and of yourself, and not any roles or titles that you hold.” – Joyice

“…There are different seasons of womanhood where one expression in this season doesn’t make sense in another season. Womanhood is seasonal.” – Joyice