April 14, 2024

23: Wife-Minded Singleness

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
23: Wife-Minded Singleness

Show Notes

“You want to determine not by pressuring a man or casting him to the novel that you’ve already written out, or even by over interrogating him, but through getting to know him over time.” – Joyice

“When it comes to a man assessing the women he’s dating for marriage, you want to be his vision, not his reason.” – Joyice


What is Wife-Minded Singleness, and how can it help you on your dating journey?  If you are enjoying your single season right now, but have marriage on your radar, this episode has your name on it!

I narrate some real-life examples for you straight from the trenches of dating and relationships. From ex encounters to heated arguments, these stories shed light on how certain behaviors can either build or break a budding connection.

These stories are not to rain on your parade. Rather, to offer guidance on how to navigate the dating landscape with grace and intentionality. It is necessary to learn how to strike a balance between your own authenticity while also keeping an eye on the prize.

As you continue on your journey through womanhood, remember that you are not just a single woman; you are a woman with the power to shape your own destiny AND someone’s future wife. Let’s discuss ways to embrace your singleness without remaining stuck in it.

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Time Stamps:

  • [2:21] – I am discussing the single woman mentality.
  • [4:15] – Embracing singlehood is fine, but be mindful of your future relationship desires.
  • [5:27] – Men assess desired traits for marriage just as women do.
  • [8:21] – Maintain your boundaries to prevent exes from jeopardizing new connections.
  • [10:33] – Disrespectful behavior in conflict can derail commitment; readiness for marriage goes beyond words and desires.
  • [11:38] – Choose clarity and avoid over-identifying with singleness.
  • [13:57] – Prioritize developing your wife persona alongside your womanhood identity.
  • [15:28] – I detail how established relationships with Jeremiah’s family unknowingly influenced some of his decision to choose me.
  • [20:38] – Jeremiah shares a clip of his experience that I catalog as “blindful ignorance” on a previous partner’s behalf.
  • [23:13] – Align your actions with future wife aspirations, not faking intentions.
  • [24:23] – I offer a Ready to Love character as an example of the importance of assessing a man’s readiness for marriage by observing his lifestyle and actions, not just his words.
  • [26:02] – Before seeking marriage, women should embody the qualities of a wife, and men must commit beforehand.

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