April 21, 2024

24: Grown Woman Growth

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
24: Grown Woman Growth

Show Notes

Lovebugs, today’s show has this leading question: What difference does a year make? For my client, Kera, this answer is so much grown woman growth. She graciously shares her personal journey and reflections from December 2022 to December 2023 in learning how to be more womanly-like as she progresses in her womanhood lessons and understanding how to relate to men.

Kera, in many ways, is a quintessential client. She’s her own woman not easily swayed by others but she is attune enough to realize she does not know it all and needs guidance. She remains present for coaching and stays active with dating, determined to hold them both until she gets what she wants. She is open, curious, and teachable. She had the boldness to live her life out loud and let you know when she disagrees or thinks you’re wrong. With proper mentorship and molding, she is a client who will eventually become the kind of woman and wife she seeks to be.  But as the path is navigated, there is much to learn and while she makes her share of mistakes, she always repairs and recovers brilliantly.

You will not want to miss this episode!

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Time Stamps:

  • [2:18] – I  share a story from my client Kera today!
  • [4:38] – We will see Kera’s growth over a year.
  • [7:44] – Kera expresses how a post triggered her realization about a potential relationship.
  • [9:37] – A lack of foresight about Accra’s size and opportunities for potential encounters caused Kera to not consider running into a man she was dating.
  • [10:29] – I emphasize the importance of a clear proposal within the context of my post.
  • [12:35] – I question why the possibility of encountering Mr. DC wasn’t considered beforehand..
  • [14:33] – I acknowledge some disagreement between Kera and I but also value her honesty.
  • [17:41] – I suggest to Kera that she check in with Mr. DC’s feelings.
  • [21:37] – I teach how to have a single but wife-minded perspective, including how men usually approach their plan for marriage. 
  • [24:17] – It’s important to consider possible consequences of your actions when dating.
  • [28:28] – Kera reflects on a tense moment with Mr. DC and shares what she learned from it.
  • [30:56] – Experience teaches us valuable lessons about men, ourselves, and relationships.
  • [33:08] – I discuss the importance of learning from mistakes and learning from them.
  • [36:50] – Mentorship and guidance while dating can be incredibly helpful.
  • [38:15] – Kera seeks guidance on gracefully declining a gift she won’t use, prioritizing emotional sensitivity for her date.
  • [38:55] – I offer language on how Kera can explain that the gift is not her style while expressing appreciation to her date.
  • [40:16] – I teach how to approach conversations about not liking a gift a man has given, emphasizing the importance of her expressings desire for a meaningful connection, sharing the information he needs to know; I also prepare for possible responses.
  • [42:03] – I add that she should acknowledge the effort, offer feedback without overwhelming him, and communicate her appreciation over material specifics.
  • [44:33] – It’s crucial to communicate preferences in gifts, acknowledging oversights, and nurturing healthy relationships.
  • [47:27] – Kera’s accountability and self-awareness are admirable, leading to better navigation and growth; what a difference a year can make! 

Connect with Me:

“…If you let it, the dating process can grow you up and mature you as a woman, so that it prepares you to be wife.” ~ Joyice

Until a man has committed to me, I share my ingredients but not my recipe. If you give the full recipe, you have no safety or assurance that he is taking the proper discovery to get to know you.  ~ Joyice