June 4, 2023

Episode 4: I am valued

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Episode 4: I am valued

Show Notes

Welcome to Season One, Episode Four, lovebugs!

This episode features a solo session with Yours Truly as I address a father-daughter issue that a then-client asked me about. This week, we’re talking about father-daughter relationships. Yes, how you relate to your father, but today’s talk is more about identifying fatherhood qualities in men you’re dating or in relationships as you consider or imagine your future daughter and her relationship with the father you would have chosen for her to have–and that’s going to lead us to how we understand the difference between female respect and value from fathers and men. Go ahead and listen!

Here's the blog post I mentioned in this episode: https://matchmarrymate.com/respect-value-women/

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