November 24, 2023

Minisode 01: 2023 Wins & Lessons

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Minisode 01: 2023 Wins & Lessons

Show Notes

Before you are anything for anyone else or even before you can be anything to anyone else, you need to understand yourself and take care of yourself.” – Joyice

Hey, Lovebugs! Allow me to guide you through a labyrinth of love and self-discovery! As we bid farewell to 2023, I invite you to join me in the art of reflection and intention-setting. In today’s show, we embark on a journey of selfhood, exploring the interconnected threads of self-love, sisterhood, and the path to a thriving relationship or marriage.

Together, let’s review the past year, celebrating wins and embracing the lessons that shaped us. From the glow moments of accomplishment to the tough, unexpected lessons, we weave a tapestry of self-awareness, and as we approach the new year, I share a transformative practice with my clients – an approach that encompasses self, sisters + circles, and spouses. It’s a process that transcends the conventional boundaries of dating and relationships, guiding women toward sustainable growth and self-actualization.

I hope that you’ll join me in this sacred space of self-reflection, where we explore the importance of honoring our spiritual selves. This episode is a testament to the power of intentional living, sisterly accountability, and the freedom to be on your own terms. As we prepare to step into 2024, let us usher in the spirit of transformative as we grow and go!

Until next time, please remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [0:50] – 2023 is almost over, so let’s reflect on the year!
    [3:07] – I guide clients in a year-end reflection, celebrating wins, learning from lessons, and setting intentions.
    [5:24] – Hear how a client revealed a gap: being too consumed with work when not dating; we discussed intentions and action points to address and close this gap.
    [7:17] – I guide women in a two-part year-end review, celebrating wins, learning lessons, and setting intentions.
    [9:23] – I approached 2023 with a word, adage, and twelve intentions.
    [11:36] – I reflect on how a devoted client, after two years of transformative work, exemplifies the necessity of selfhood for successful relationships.
    [13:45] – Join my discounted group coaching cohort, fostering self-growth that impacts relationships, success, and love!
    [16:36] – I encourage bodily movement and dance which helps promote thinking and reflecting.

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