December 8, 2023

Minisode 02: Setting Intentions 2024

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Minisode 02: Setting Intentions 2024

Show Notes

It’s Joyice here, and before hitting play on this episode, I encourage you to go back and listen to minisode #1 if you haven’t already because this episode is a continuation of what was talked about in that episode: approaching year-end reflection as we transition from 2023 to 2024. In this follow-up, hear how you can reflect back on your 2023 by evaluating our wins, highlighting our lessons, and identifying what we need to cut, continue, and create in the year ahead.

This is a journey of selfhood and evolution, so I am sharing my own experiences to guide you on this intimate exploration. This process requires some serious and intentional self-work, but remember, there’s no rush. It’s not about deadlines; it’s about personal growth! Listen in, lovebirds, and expect an enlightening discussion that will arm you with the right mindset to approach 2024!

Be sure to also watch out for my Clubhouse sessions on the 11th, 18th, and 29th, all about helping you navigate this jungle of love and self-understanding more intimately. Make sure you also grab the freebies as well because you don’t want to miss these guides! Until next time, please remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [1:12] – We are following up on minisode #1, reflecting on 2023.
    [1:39] – I am guiding you through a pre-game exercise for setting intentions for 2024, emphasizing self-understanding and care.
    [3:18] – I encourage you to reflect on your wins, lessons, and what you want to cut, continue, or create for the upcoming year.
    [6:33] – Revisit your “cut, continue, create” list throughout December and January; the process doesn’t need to be rushed.
    [7:13] – I use past experiences to walk you through how to review your year and set intentions, emphasizing reflecting on wins and lessons.
    [8:50] – I reflect on personal wins such as teaching my son to drive, starting grad school, and buying a dream home.
    [10:52] – I share some personal lessons learned about managing grad school workload and self-care, illustrating the importance of learning from past experiences.
    [12:08] – First, reflect on your year by memorializing and celebrating.
    [15:18] – When thinking about what I want to cut, I illustrate the importance of adaptability in the goal-setting process.
    [18:25] – Continuous reflection on wins and lessons informs the process of setting new goals for the future.
    [19:13] – I strongly discourage trying to do this in one sitting; this takes time.
    [22:26] – This process is about feminine energy, self-discovery, and trusting life’s timing for growth.
    [25:25] – A good friend says that your brain generates ideas but doesn’t retain them, so writing them down is crucial!

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