March 15, 2024

Pop-Up 14:: Dating is Fairy Taleish

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Pop-Up 14:: Dating is Fairy Taleish

Show Notes

“Understand the details of the invitation or the proposal, and make sure it’s a proposal and not just a man talking.” – Joyice

“Courage and care are your friends. There is a way to do this where it still honors who you are as a woman.” – Joyice


Welcome to another pop-up episode, lovebugs! Dive into a captivating conversation about womanhood, exploring the essence of being a woman and embracing the complementary dance with male energy. Get ready for a client’s intriguing story set in Italy and Paris, navigating the delicate balance between dating and travel plans. What happens when a man requests more time without exclusivity?

Listen in as my client and I explore the delicate balance of feminine grace and firm boundaries, emphasizing the importance of clarity in a man’s proposals. Womanhood is indeed expensive, requiring safety and coverage, and courage and care become essential allies. Join me as we learn, grow, and celebrate the magic of Black love, and remember, courage is the key to consistent growth.

Happy Women’s History Month, and happy listening! Remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [0:48] – I shout out to Quinta Brunson in honor of Women’s History Month and recommend her book.
  • [2:51] – This pop-up episode is about owning your womanhood.
  • [5:15] – What do you do when a man you’re dating but not exclusively requests more time with you?
  • [6:45] – Considering Mr. X’s suggestion, my client contemplates altering her travel plans to stay in Paris.
  • [9:04] – I encourage the client to reconsider Mr. X’s suggestion about staying longer in Europe.
  • [10:41] – Listen as I further advise the client to explore Mr. X’s suggestion about Paris, while emphasizing the need for clarity.
  • [12:49] – I urge my client to revisit the conversation, further emphasizing the importance of clarifying Mr. X’s proposal.
  • [15:20] – The client should recognize her efforts; she has earned the opportunity presented by Mr. X.
  • [16:54] – The client expresses excitement about the fairy-tale-like experience with Mr. X, emphasizing the balance of emotions and rationality.
  • [19:08] – I reiterate the importance of clarifying and validating a man’s proposal, ensuring substance and direction.
  • [20:43] – I stress the need for a man to explain and define his commitments, requests, invitations, and proposals clearly to avoid vagueness.
  • [22:50] – Womanhood is expensive!
  • [24:47] – I offer a word of caution: don’t give too much without a man showing care and effort!
  • [26:26] – Courage and care are your friends!

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