March 22, 2024

Pop-Up 15: Dating is Strategic

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Pop-Up 15: Dating is Strategic

Show Notes

Hey, Lovebugs! Join me as I share a story shared with me from someone facing the nuance of local dating after typically preferring long-distance relationships. She seeks guidance on determining the right amount of time to invest.

We unpack the balance of personal time, the challenges of early-stage dating, and the importance of not losing oneself in the process. I share practical advice and teach  about the dynamics of male competition and female choice in the world of mammals. Join me as I dissect this story and traverse through the landscape of modern relationships.

Happy Women’s History Month, and happy listening! I invite you to drop your truth for a chance to have your story inspire the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [0:46] – I honor Dr. Carla Hayden to celebrate Women’s History Month!
  • [4:36] – Navigating local dating challenges, this woman questions time investment and managing boundaries.
  • [5:15] – Guard your personal time fiercely; don’t sacrifice it for early-stage relationships.
  • [7:28] – I encourage establishing equity in dating by allocating time fairly among potential partners.
  • [9:43] – Women tend to become attached to the level of time and energy we give which needs to be managed.
  • [10:02] – In the early stages of dating, assess men objectively, avoiding favoritism based on attention.
  • [11:32] – Recognize male competition dynamics and avoid rigging the dating game.
  • [14:21] – Hear why I suggest rejecting the notion of a “front runner” in dating.
  • [15:55] – Listen to Katt Williams say that talent supports elevation, and those with it should move forward.
  • [16:07] – Understand that the concept of selection and assessing the quality of potential partners is important.
  • [19:34] – In the dating competition, understanding your worth and setting standards dictates what you attract.
  • [21:53] – I point out how male competition for female access is ingrained in mammalian mating systems.
  • [24:11] – In the animal kingdom, gender roles are distinct: males compete, and females choose.
  • [25:15] – With mate selection, females are choosier due to their higher reproductive investment.
  • [28:45] – Females in the animal kingdom are also usually more likely to provide parental care.

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