March 29, 2024

Pop-Up 16: Dating is Intentional

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Pop-Up 16: Dating is Intentional

Show Notes

Hey, Lovebugs! Join me for an episode centered around womanhood, dating, and the power of intention. Today, Alexandra shares three dating examples where she’s applied a new level of intention to gain better results and safeguard from premature investment. In it, she breaks down her intention, strategy, and outcome. 

Example No. 1: Alexandra sets clear boundaries, makes the most of her time, and manages tardiness. We discuss the importance of establishing your dating standards and boundaries in advance, protecting yourself from unnecessary disappointments.

Example No. 2: Alexandra builds pre-date rapport, adjusting to a new energy (from No. 1) and balances excitement and anticipation. (Spoiler alert: Alexandra’s got a second date lined up!)

Example No. 3: Alexandra previews her strategy, adjusting from lessons learned in her first two dating examples. She adds playful interaction that builds anticipation, and I share insights on cultivating excitement between dates.

Happy Women’s History Month, and happy listening! See you for season 4, and remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [0:42] – In honor of Women’s History Month, I shout out to Lena Waithe.
  • [2:42] – This episode is all about applying intention to your dating strategies as a woman.
  • [5:24] – I share real-life dating examples from a client, Alexandra.
  • [6:41] – Alexandra describes her first date, which she limits to one hour despite lateness.
  • [8:12] – I emphasize Alexandra’s considerations, outlining key factors like minimal pre-date interaction, short notice, and time constraints.
  • [10:16] – I advocate for setting time frames in dating, shielding against disappointment by integrating dates into routine.
  • [12:41] – Alexandra dives into her second example, which went well and led to a second date.
  • [15:02] – I point out how Alexandra discerns differences in dating scenarios, noting rapport, timelines, and personalized standards.
  • [17:42] – I highlight the impact of a requested dinner date, advocating for intentional, strategic dating with confidence.
  • [19:57] – Alexandra shares her third tip: plan an engaging date, incorporate strategic elements based on prior interactions and anticipate a positive experience.
  • [21:35] – I conclude the coaching session with the importance of anticipation.

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