September 22, 2023

Pop-Up Episode 07: Cuffing Season

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Pop-Up Episode 07: Cuffing Season

Show Notes

Welcome as we kick off our short series titled “In My Feels” to get us through the fall, a series designed to keep you updated on all things Match Marry Mate™ while we’re between seasons. As we dive into this fall season, we explore the phenomenon known as “Cuffing Season” and its impact on dating and relationships. Why do people tend to start relationships during this time? We examine both the cultural trends and some science behind it.

I also share my own approach to this season, focusing on communication, intentionality, and self-care, and I leave you with five essential things to keep in mind during this time, from communication to managing expectations.

I hope that you will join me on this journey through the fall as we discuss matters of the heart, connection, and companionship. Stay tuned for more episodes and remember, love, light, and relationships are what we’re all about on The Match Marry Mate™  Show! Have a Secret Story you want to share with me? I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [01:19] – We begin with the power of affirmation.
  • [02:31] – Share your story with me for the next Secret Story episode!
  • [03:37] – We are chatting today about Cuffing Season.
  • [04:49] – My hope is to help you navigate seasonal changes in dating and relationships.
  • [05:45] – We know that Fall is, for many people, an ideal time for relationships.
  • [07:30] – Take a moment to reflect on burdens, spiritual alignment, and seasonal life cycles.
  • [09:35] – Fall, for me, is the season for romance, ritual, retreat, and reflection.
  • [11:31] – I share my approach to helping women with seasonal dating goals.
  • [12:39] – I guide clients on dating strategies, leveraging local events for connections.
  • [15:04] – I discuss how October is the “Try Out” phase for dating strategies.
  • [17:33] – Cuffing Season’s popularity is linked to mood and physical intimacy needs.
  • [19:16] – I talk about how Fall and Winter spark relationships due to loneliness and neediness.
  • [21:18] – I share five things to keep in mind, #1 being the importance of communication!
  • [21:38] – #2 is that there is no need to be hasty.
  • [21:55] – #3: Communicate your intentions, and avoid misunderstandings.
  • [22:22] – #4 is to embrace the relationship for what it is.
  • [22:50] – My fifth and final tip is to apply your data!
  • [24:28] – I encourage you to reflect on your dating habits, needs, and desires in your journal.

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