July 14, 2023

SEASON 2 TRAILER: Prepare to “Know Thyself”

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
SEASON 2 TRAILER: Prepare to "Know Thyself"

Show Notes

Greetings, I hope you're enjoying these pop-up episodes while we're in between podcast seasons!!

Season Two is coming, and I'm excited for you to hear these wonderful "Know Thyself" Stories and Conversations we have in store!

I'll be joined in the studio by one of my favorite Black woman therapists, the mother of a client, a few current clients living their best love lives, and one of my best girlfriends!

We're going to have an enlightened time (re)connecting with ourselves and who we are in Season Two. Hope to see you there.

Continue to enjoy your Fun Girl Summer!

Season Two officially drops on Sunday, August 20th!

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