December 1, 2023

Special 04: Biblical Marriage

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Special 04: Biblical Marriage

Show Notes

Hiya, Lovebugs! Today, I am discussing the eight types of marriages outlined in the Hebrew Bible. I know discussing Biblical marriages, especially for Black women, may be touchy, so I sprinkled some clapbacks + humor to lighten the mood!  While approaching tough topics, I aim to make it an enjoyable ride!

Join me as we navigate the marital and familial culture of the Ancient Near East, zooming in on Ancient Israelite society.  

This episode is designed to broaden your outlook on marriage, so let’s delve into a little Biblical wisdom and maybe even challenge some norms. 

FYI—we have one more episode left in this mini-series, and also remember that if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Trigger Warning: I MENTION the R-word, and that’s all I do. Please, proceed with caution. I aim to educate, not traumatize, so if you trust me to deliver sensitive topics well, let’s go! 

Time Stamps:

  • [0:26] – I add a surprising twist with humor to engage and enlighten.
  • [1:51] – I introduce you to today’s show. 
  • [4:42] – I offer a suggestion to be open-minded about any anti-Black or anti-women views you hold. 
  • [6:38] – How do you define marriage?
  • [8:39] – I discuss the nuclear (traditional)  family.
  • [10:11] – I contrast  ancient Israel with modern America in Genesis 2:24.
  • [12:35] – Discussing Deuteronomy 22:13-19, I highlight the legal and social consequences for accusations of sexual deceit and harm in marriage.
  • [17:24] – I challenge the logic of laws emphasizing female virginity.
  • [20:24] – I challenge men to sexually protect their women, appreciating Minister Farrakhan’s defense of women with his daughter. 
  • [23:01] – Men labeling women as “hoes” can overlook their role; sharing how men may shape women’s images and realities. 
  • [25:06] – Responsibility for pregnancy is not one-sided; both contribute.
  • [27:48] –  Men asserting a “God-given” right to multiple wives ignore Biblical instances.
  • [30:56] – In ancient Israel, bond servants served willingly for six years, with the option for voluntary commitment.
  • [32:49] – Abraham & Sarah (plus Hagar’s) marriage may raise questions about consent.
  • [34:43] – I share a sample list of men cited as having concubines, reflecting cultural practices without explicit Biblical endorsement or condemnation.
  • [36:20] – Levirate marriage involves a widowed woman marrying her deceased husband’s brother to preserve lineage.
  • [39:04] – Male bondservants could be given wives by their masters, with the servant’s choice to stay or leave after service.
  • [40:15] – The seventh type of biblical marriage involves male soldiers marrying female prisoners of war after military victory. 
  • [41:28] – A man and a virgin caught in the act, leading to marriage, seems like the most scandalous of the kind.

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