December 30, 2023

Special 06: 2023 “Black Love” Wrapped

The Match Marry Mate™ Show
The Match Marry Mate™ Show
Special 06: 2023 “Black Love” Wrapped

Show Notes

“She’s like an alter ego in my mind. As I’m dating, I think of Rihanna. How would Rihanna handle this? Because she gives off a sense of ‘I could care less about whether you approve of what I’m doing or not.'” ~ Kaity

“Let’s add some research. There’s this persnickety thing in the Black Community. Usually, when we’re talking about gender [race aside], it’s the woman who is saying she’s looking for financial stability. Not to say that a man isn’t but usually it’s the woman. In the Black Community, both our men and women say that. Economics matters so much that both males and females report that financial stability is a main factor of marriage. ~ Joyice

Today, I am in the co-host seat with our resident blogger and therapist, Kaity Rodriguez to wrap 2023! We journey through 10 unforgettable moments in Black Love Culture ranging from dating, relationships, marriage, and family. Tune in to hear our professional and personal insights, playful disagreements, and opinionated takes as we judge each story as “messy” or “magical” for the Black Community. We also have a bit of fun giving our educated guesses on each woman’s feminine archetype that we cover in this episode. Join us! 

Don’t miss the Season 3 premiere which airs on January 5, 2024! Remember – if you have a Secret Story you want to share with me, I invite you to drop your truth for the next Secret Story episode!

Time Stamps:

  • [0:48] – Join Joyice and Kaity delving into unforgettable moments in Black culture this year!
  • [4:14] – Our first story opens with Rihanna’s Super Bowl surprise.
  • [6:06] – As a fan, Kaity shares her thoughts on Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement.
  • [9:40] – Joyice and Kaity weigh in on Rihanna as an unmarried mother of two.
  • [11:25] – Kaity contrasts Rihanna’s reality with broader frustrations faced by many Black women.
  • [14:30] – Joyice and Kaity address “dating the bus driver” with our two cents for Eboni K. 
  • [17:09] – Joyice acknowledges socioeconomic compatibility but critiques classism and elitism.
  • [18:57] – Joyice defends the pursuit of financial stability without negative portrayals.
  • [22:01] – Joyice asks listeners questions about distinctions between earning power and class.
  • [25:12] – Kaity speculates that Eboni’s feminine archetype.
  • [27:45] – Joyice discussing “dating down,” contrasting Rihanna as a positively-viewed relationship and Keke’s as a cautionary tale.
  • [30:03] – Kaity highlights the importance of a united public front in romantic relationships. 
  • [33:35] – We agree that the way Keke is handling the social media drama is magical.
  • [33:56] – Joyice speculates KeKe’s feminine archetype.
  • [34:26] – Ciara and Russell Wilson’s heartwarming baby announcement inspires Kaity to maintain hope for her own love story.
  • [36:34] – Joyice cheers on Ciara for being a Feminine Yet Firm (FYF) Woman.
  • [38:26] – Kaity speculates KeKe’s feminine archetype.
  • [42:30] – Kaity argues that consistency in messaging is crucial.
  • [43:30] – Women should prioritize listening to other women for relationship advice.
  • [45:25] – Joyice points out that addressing men directly for actionable steps could yield positive change, as seen with Dr. Umar Johnson.
  • [47:11] – The Perry incident motivated Kaity to tune out social media noise and write this post.
  • [48:44] – Joyice reminds listeners that Tyler Perry is not a relationship expert.
  • [50:59] – Kaity appreciates Tyler Perry’s insights on creativity but agrees that he isn’t qualified to give women relationship advice.
  • [52:06] – Eboni K makes a second appearance on our list with Mrs. Degrees.
  • [55:14] – Eboni’s college relationship advice overlooks the cultural mismatch and unique experiences within the Black community.
  • [58:36] – Eboni’s advice also lacks practical tools for young women trying to find a husband in college.
  • [1:02:04] – Joyice celebrates Kerry Washington’s decade-long marriage and her memoir.
  • [1:06:45] – Joyice speculates Kerry’s feminine archetype.
  • [1:07:25] – Kaity and Joyice cover the “No Matter What” Marriage and how wives can handle public comments.
  • [1:12:06] – Joyice states that Tupac’s revisited story possibly impacted Will’s image publicly.
  • [1:14:57] – We agree that Jada should not be vilified.
  • [1:17:07] – There was clear discomfort to how Will reacted to Jada’s public comments.
  • [1:20:08] – Joyice declares that disregarding agreed-upon privacy boundaries weakens relationships, and Will’s discomfort emphasizes the importance of mutual respect.
  • [1:23:04] – Kaity & Joyice speculate Jada’s feminine archetype.
  • [1:24:20] – Kaity & Joyice discuss “the story that they don’t care about, but know that y’all do.”
  • [1:29:14] – Closing on a high note, we cover our final story of the year!  

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