Signature Course

The Match Marry Mate™ Method

A comprehensive relationship readiness program that teaches you to center your selfhood to transform how you create relationships and cultivate intimacy.
The Match Marry Mate™ Method will give you the relevant process and skills to go from feeling hopeless, uninspired, and stuck about dating and relationships to feeling confident and empowered in using your new relationship skills and practices to create the love life that you desire.

Before I tell you about this relationship-gamechanger program,
let's chat about who this is really for...

You want to feel empowered and confident about your personal identity and femininity so that it translates as attraction and connection in your dating and relationships.



You’re tired of feeling undesired, hopeless, and clueless about romance. You’re ready to commit to the self-work for healing, wholeness, and wellness for better relationship formation and partner selection. 



You’ve heard the cliches that boast against Black women claiming we are undesirable, but you also know we are the most envied, copied, and imitated. You know that they both cannot always be true, and you believe that you are called to decry statistics that say Black women are women of last resort.


Whether you’re looking to establish or improve your …



✓Confidence around self-esteem, conversing with men, or expressing your feelings to up your dating game



✓Clarity for your personhood, womanhood, and purpose in relationship formation 



✓Core Values about who you are as a woman and what you want out of a relationship with a male partner



✓Character to make solid and sustainable relationship decisions that honor your integrity and authenticity 



✓Communication skills that create connection, cultivates intimacy, and reveals alignment

You’re in the right place, and I’m sharing exactly how the Match Marry Mate™ Method will offer you the tools, skills, inspiration, and unapparelled support on your journey to dating and relationships with men. 

By the end of this program you will …

Identify your unique relationship wants and needs

Balance your emotions and tune your intuition 

Understand how to employ your personal and feminine power 

Gain clarity on your relationship “why” and values

Know how the feminine + masculine pair

Establish your standards and boundaries

Create your

 Rebirth Story

Explore levels of self and relationship

Draft your customized Relationship Plan

But above all else …


The Match Marry Mate™ Method will give you the confidence you need

 to navigate and negotiate your needs and desires with men!

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Simply Put: The Match Marry Mate™ Method Changes the Dating Game and Love Lives...