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match marry mate

Match Marry Mate™ is the first-of-its-kind course teaching Black women how to level-up their relationships with my perfect three-stranded cord: curriculum, coaching, and community.

This course guides you through selfhood exploration where I prepare you for partnership, teach you how to embody your femininity and complement masculine energy, help you bond with a sisterhood, and I support you in reaching your relationship milestones and advancing your relationship goals.


Black women are finally learning what a healthy, stable relationship means with an available man. However, they are clueless of or fearful about establishing or maintaining a relationship as a healthy partner. I am here to help you with that beginning and the transitions. This course is available for single or partnered, non-married who are preparing to date, dating, or in a relationship.


Match Marry Mate™ is a nine-week invitation-based course that is offered four times a year in February (Cohort 8), April (Cohort 9), July (Cohort 10), and October (Cohort 11). Interested clients may join the Cohort 8 Waitlist and complete their Interest Form to receive a personal course invite. The enrollment season opens on Sun, Jan 8 and closes on Mon, Jan 30. 

The course is live on Sun, Feb 12.


✓ Gain clarity on your relationship why and goals.

✓ Identify your unique relationship wants and needs.

✓ Explore the “levels” of self and relationship.

✓ Balance your emotions and tune your  intuition.

✓ Define the difference between feelings + emotions.

✓ Know how the masculine and feminine pair.

✓Understand your personal + feminine power.

✓ Draft your own Relationship Plan.

✓ Learn the difference between standards + boundaries.

✓ Establish your standard and boundaries.

✓ Communicate effectively and negotiate your needs.

Match Marry Mate™ is an invite-only course.
Complete the Interest Form to determine if you are a good fit for our community.


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